Nigerian Telecom Operators Tops Spammers List - TrueCaller

You will agree with me that spam SMS and calls has increased drastically these days especially from telecom operators in Nigeria such as Airtel, MTN, Glo and Etisalat (9Mobile). Nigerian subscribers have complained about SPAM calls and SMS for years, but finally putting a figure to it paints a messy picture. 61% of SPAM calls in Nigeria are from the country’s telecom operators.

Yes; the top spammers in Nigeria are he telecom operators according to Truecaller report. Recall that Truecaller is a useful smartphone call and messaging app that for helps you detect and automatically block spam calls and messages. It also help you identify the name and pictures of people who owns numbers that aren't saved on your phone when they call, message or chat you on whatsapp. You can get the app here

Here is the list of Top Spammers In Nigeria statistics as published by TrueCaller

1. Telecom operators: 61%
2. Nuisance: 27%
3. Scam: 10%
4. Telemarketing: 2%

From the list above, Telemarketers are not Nigeria’s big SPAM problem. Scammers are not either. Telecom operators are. The Big Boys themselves. That isn’t a big surprise. This list of top SMS spammers, published 4 years ago, had MTN and Globacom at the top. 😁

TrueCaller revealed that out of the top 20 countries affected by SPAM calls in 2017, Nigeria is number 9.


Telecom Operators introduced a service called Do Not Disturb last year in Nigeria but it's not actually Working.

The DND initiative has not worked. It appears to be a shell that wasn’t well thought out or well implemented. The blocking options are so vague and sweeping that subscribers who block certain categories find out that they have blocked services that they need.

But the good news is you can make use of TrueCaller app to stop those disturbing messages and calls from network providers. Alternatively, check this article on how to activate DND on your Android smartphone.


  1. Thanks for Your informative update

  2. I have used the do not disturb short codes but I'm stil getting calls and sms from my Telcom operators.

    Thanks for updating us on this awesome info

  3. I am the least bit surprised about this statistics if it was the other way around then I would have been surprised that the telecom providers didn't top the list. Stringent punishment should be dished out to operators who keep constantly harassing their customers with unwanted calls.

  4. too bad aiways disturbing me with calls using real numbers especially Airtel and glo

  5. Am not actually surprised about the telemarketers they are really very annoying with there spam calls and sms that's the very most I don't like,I will install true caller since it helps dish the bad guys.thanks for this bro

  6. Mtn and glo...those guys can disturb😡
    Nice one wizy!

  7. Lolz ds looks funny buh very true that our telecom operators are d top spammers..
    D won't stop disturbing someone wid unnecessary text messages en calls..

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  9. please add me on your whatsapp group 08037449709

  10. Could you please drop the apk link for Truecaller premium

  11. App downloaded but it has refused to install in my Ulefone running on Android 6 but that same app is perfectly installed in my GIONEE M3 running on Android 5.0, what could be responsible for this?

  12. I'm gonna start searching online for the solution to my issue and i will surely report back ASAP with a positive feedback.

    1. I have finally installed the truecaller app in my phone which i downloaded from Google playstore.

      Still searching for how to install the premium version.