Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Android Performance

With GBs of RAM and internal storage, smartphones today, have turned up as fast performing machines. These machines are designed to help you perform numerous tasks seamlessly. Despite the fact, these devices are improved significantly still they start lagging over time due to prolonged use. Due to data clutter and numerous tasks performing at a time, your device starts performing slowly. Apart of it, certain software and hardware issues also affect your device performance negatively. If you are using your Android phone for a long time and facing certain performance issues, then we can help you get rid of it. Follow these top 5 tips to improve your Android performance instantly.

1. Disable Bloatware: 

Bloatware comes pre-installed on your device in the form of different apps and programs. A lot of these apps & programs include a manufacturer or third-party items. You can find free or limited period versions of these apps & programs which you suppose to upgrade by paying later. Most of these unnecessary items include those services which you rarely use or intend to use in future. Thus, this lot of unnecessary items remain idle on your device occupying precious storage space. At the same time, it also affects device performance negatively.

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The major issue with these apps & programs is that you can’t remove them until you root your device, which comes with its own limitations. Thus, only possible solution remain with you is to “Disable” all such items to stop them occupying device resources. To disable these items, head to device Settings > Application Manager and swipe left to access “All” apps. Scroll through the all apps list and find the apps you want to disable, select them and tap on “Disable” button. It will instantly stop the selected app running in the background or using device resources.

2. Use Technology: 

Technology in the form of different apps (including third-party apps) have grown significantly to support your Android device performing well. You can find different apps for almost every single feature on your device. You can find Android cleaner apps, battery saver apps, duplicate file remover apps, Android launcher apps, Cloud backup apps and much more to improve your device performance. These apps work on advanced techniques and smart algorithms to provide you instant and accurate results. You can use these apps to improve Android performance significantly.

3. Avoid Animations & Live Wallpaper

Live wallpaper & animations on your device increase the aesthetic value of your device. But these special effects require more device resources and CPU cycles to run, which affects your device speed & performance. To improve Android performance, you should consider disabling all these animations and special effects.

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To do this, head to device Settings and enable “Developer Options” first, as it will help you disabling animations on your device. To enable Developer Options, go to Settings > About Phone and tap on it several times until you see a message confirming Developer Options is enabled. In some devices, you can find it directly under Settings > Developer Options. Now under Developer Options, scroll through the list to find three features i.e. Window Animation Scale, Transitions Animation Scale and Animation Duration Scale. Select each feature and toggle them off. Keep Developer Options enabled as disabling this feature will reset the settings to their default level.

4. Update Your Device

This is simplest and most effective way to help you improve Android performance instantly. Keep your device updated with latest software updates provided by your manufacturer. You can also check for latest updates under Settings > About Device > Software Update. As every manufacturer release new updates of the product on regular intervals with certain bug fixes, security patches, performance boosting features and much more, it becomes necessary to keep your device updated for improved performance. You can also consider updating third-party apps installed on your device by heading to their manufacturer’s website.

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5. Clean Device 

Better storage space on your device can help you improve your Android performance significantly. Many unused apps run in the background continuously and affect your device performance. Apart of it, a lot of duplicate files remain idle on your device occupying precious storage space. You can consider removing all such data to get clean and improved Android performance.

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You can follow these simple steps to improve Android performance significantly. Making certain tweaks in device software & hardware can also help you get better results. Using different apps is another possible tip to get better running Android.

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  3. Bloatware Is One Common Mistake That All OEM Are Guilty Of, I Get Pretty Annoyed When They Pack Useless Junk And Fill Their Devices Thereby Reducing The Internal Storage And Using Up Ram Unneccessarily. They Should Give Us Option When You Boot A New Device If You Want To Install Some Of This Apps.

    1. Kul but even if u wia d manufacturer u won't do such.. So dahz just it

  4. Those 5 tips are perfectly fine with me but my only problem is that I cant update my device since is flashed another custom ROM,

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  5. Phones should be like our laptops where we are the ones to install only those programs that are useful to us and not having too many Bloatware

  6. most bloatwares just unremovable... not before the device is rooted...
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  9. to clean a device is the most important thing of an Android phone,because to clean a device makes you to be free from virus and other apps which are consuming ur space it is advisable for someone to clean his device at least twice a day or use anti virus app inorther to be save from virus.

  10. live wallpaper always makes someone's battery to get low quickly,so I will advice that screen saver is better of.

  11. update of an Android phone always makes you to enjoy it and it makes the phone to do things that it cannot do before.update of an Android phone makes you love it so much and makes you use it for long.

  12. another way to improve an Android performance is the use of ultra power saving this reduce the performance of the phone and make your battery last very long.