News Flash: SON Closes Samsung Office in Nigeria

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria on Tuesday sealed the premises of Samsung West Africa in Victoria Island, Lagos, for failure to register some of its products being marketed in Nigeria.

Head of Public Relations of SON, Mr Bola Fashina, said this in a statement in Abuja on Tuesday.

Fashina said that the action was in accordance with the provisions of the SON Act 14 of 2015.

According to him, the Act provides for every product imported into Nigeria to be registered with SON for traceability and confirmation of quality status.

Fashina said that SON records showed that many Samsung products in the Nigerian markets were not registered.

He explained that the facility would be reopened once the company registered all its products as required by law.

“We are in the era of ensuring ease of doing business in Nigeria within the laws of the land,” Fashina said.

He said that the representatives of the company claimed ignorance of the need to register the products, and that they did not import nor sold products but only marketing them.

Fashina said that it was the duty of the distributors to register the products. via


  1. Good One From SON, All This Foreign Companies Act Like They Are Doing Us Great Service, They Flaunt Our Laws And Disregard Regulations Something They Can't Do In Western Countries Without Being Fined, SON Should Slap Them With A Hefty Fine If They Fail To Comply.

  2. Thanks for Your informative update

  3. Pls oga wizy is anonytun vpn for glo still Working, because mine is not counting

  4. thanks for the informative update

  5. Most of these companies feel that they are above the law but they are not.

    SON should place a heavy fine on them just like what happened to MTN Nigeria.

  6. Could you please throw more light on the affected products.

    Thanks for sharing this priceless information with us.

  7. This good,if these will be extended to other companies that will be a very good change and good development.

    They should really work hard on products shipped to Nigeria before they start giving us plastic foods, thanks for sharing the information with us bro

  8. even though the representatives of the company claimed ignorance of the need to register the products, they deserve what they got,
    Ignorance is not excuse in the court of law

  9. It's a good move provided it's not just politics that's being played here...there're lots of other unregistered companies as well so they should visit those ones too

    1. I think you are definitely right once that's done to other Unregistered companies things might change a little bit in Nigeria

      And they shoushould work out fast to do that because Nigeria is tearing apart

    2. Samsunq is a well known company so starting wid dem wil pave way for odas to join

  10. Buh y will ds samsunq of all companies do ds.. Hmm when d are known for high cost of products...
    Nobody is above d law so d shud do what shud b done..

  11. I think it's a good idea from son because this foreign country always find a branch for their products without going to other neighboring countries closer to I think that they should go back to their country to find another alternative.