Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Meaning Of 4G, 3G, H+, H, E, 2G Networks, Maximum Download Speed

Every internet supported phone comes with one or more of these 4G, 3G, H+, H, E and 2G networks; each having different meaning and serving a specified purpose.

Most smartphone users are unaware of the meaning of these alphabets that displays in the phone's signal bar behind the signal 📶 icon. But today, we have explained that in a simple manner but the most shocking of them all is the download speed of some of these networks which is rather hilarious. Thank God better networks with faster download speed are now available.

If there is an additional letter found at the right top of the Signal Bar of our Mobile phone, it indicates that apart from Voice call we can send data Transmission through the mobile phone that is nothing but through Internet Browsing. So below are the names, meaning and download speeds of the different network alphabets.

2G GSM :
(Global System for Mobile Communications) Maximum Download Speed : 2 KB/s

(General Packet Radio Service)
Maximum Download Speed : 7 KB/s

(Enhanced Data rates for GSM evolution) Maximum Download Speed : 27 KB/s 3G

(Universal Mobile Telecommunications system)
Maximum Download Speed : 48 KB/s

(High Speed Packet Access)
Maximum Download Speed : 0.9 MB/s

(Evolved High Speed Packet Access)
Maximum Download Speed : 2 MB/s

(Long Term Evolution)
Maximum Download Speed : 12.5 MB/s

(Long term Evolution- Advanced)
Maximum Download Speed : 125 MB/s

What is the highest download speed you have attained so far?


  1. thanks for the informative update

  2. Thanks for Your informative article

  3. 3mb/s is the highest download speed I've ever gotten so far!
    Thanks for the info wizy

  4. I don't know the meaning of this terms before not untill you post this new article, thanks for the updates

  5. Thanks for this wonderful update and in answering your question, my maximum speed is always 1.7mb/s via Airtel 3.75G modem

    1. Paul can you give us a reason for saying that the maximum speed is always 1.7mb/sec.

    2. Paul can you give us a reason for saying that the maximum speed is always 1.7mb/sec

    3. This is becoming very insightful. Someone had posted a speed much higher than mine which you never asked him for a reason.

      2 weeks back when i flashed GIONEE A1 for client, i was able to download a file of 2.21gb withing 40mins.

      Please note that it much faster than that in some cities.

  6. Wooow it feels nice to know en learn new things each day...
    Thanks bro

    But wait oo if 3g, H en H+ consumes ba3 like dis den how will 4g Looks like?? Hmmmm

  7. but dis lte advance no dey at naija?

    1. The 4G plus is not yet available in Nigeria as at press time but this particular African country has it

  8. @wizytechs,Permit me to take the liberty of sharing an important information that i got while surfing the INTERNET. Jio offering up to 224GB of additional data to those getting JioFi with new SIMcardsIn order to avail the offer, users will also have to sign up for Jio Prime and then select one of there charge plans on offer.The company is subscribers up to 224GB of additional data when they purchase a new SIM card aswell as a JioFi device. In order toavail the offer, users also have to sign up for Jio Prime at Rs 99,and then ,it would allow users to avail 30GB of additionaldata for three months. Postpaid users can claim the offer via the My Airtel app.it would allow users to avail 30GB of additionaldata for three months. Postpaid users can claim the offer via the My Airtel app. one of the recharge packs where the offer.a few days ago airtel announced that it was extending it surprise offer to post paid user that ,it would allow users to avail 30GB of additionaldata for three months. Postpaid users can claim the offer via the My Airtel app.thanks for allowing me to share this information.

    1. This is applicable TO INDIANS AND NOT NIGERIANS

      Keep trying and you will soon get to the promised land.

  9. chairman etang you are speaking the main point there.because this day my phone usually get low easily while surfing the internet.thanks for the update.

    1. I don't think so. 4G hasn't been spread to all cities in Nigeria.

  10. Well as for me the highest have gotten which I can still remember is 4-5mb per sec,though that's not during the day it was night surfing.

    Thanks for the update bro

  11. Our country is not fully advanced technologically but one of our sister country is boosting of being
    the first African country with a 4G LTE-A network

    We will get there someday

  12. I have gotten 2mb/sec+ before on airtel . Then on mifi I had 5mb/sec

  13. Oh oh, av only just deleted my screenshots, because its been a while I got the highest speed.
    When MTN 4g first came out, I downloaded some videos at 32mb/secs

    But now, I don't understand all the network providers style oo

    You can't even download more than 7mb/secs

    1. You were really enjoying with that kind of speed. Mine has not passed 2mb/s before

  14. Replies
    1. Yeah you can say that again.

    2. Some countries have started using 5G and here in our country we are still battling with 3g.

      God have mercy on us