List of Xiaomi Phones To Get Android 7 Nougat Update

Nothing pains so much as having a smartphone that does not receive updates, this is the main reason people still neglect Tecno and Infinix devices although they have started adjusting. Last week Infinix Mobility released Android 7 download links for Infinix Smartphones while Tecno Phantom 6 (Plus) and few others also features Android 7 version.

Now, Xiaomi has officially released list of Smartphones to get Android 7 Nougat version in coming weeks. This should be a relief for fans of this brand who were stocked with Android 6 Marshmallow for so long.

Being in the Mi ecosystem of Android devices means forever having a question mark on when you are getting the next version of Android. For those out of the loop, almost all the Xiaomi devices on the market today are still on Android Marshmallow, an update released almost two years ago.

The company has been promising the Nougat update for months now and today we finally have some confirmation on at least which devices will be getting the update.

From the image published by IT Home, some of the devices will be getting Android 7.0 and some will be getting Android 7.1. Why all aren't getting 7.1 directly, why some devices aren't listed and when will these updates actually roll out is still a mystery. So checkout the list below;


✔ Mi Max

✔ Mi 5

✔ Mi 5s

✔ Mi 5s Plus

✔ Mi 4c

✔ Mi 4s

✔ Mi Note

✔ Mi Note 2

✔ Mi MIX

✔ Redmi Note 4x

List of devices that will get Android 7.1 include:

✔ Mi 6

✔ Mi Max 2

✔ Mi 5c

✔ Redmi 4x

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Are you using an Mi device? What's your experience so far? One thing is sure, Xiaomi phones comes with good features at a pocket friendly price tag but they are yet to have a recognized office or service center in Nigeria.


  1. Thanks for coming up with this well packaged update. I had posted something on this same issue here and some of my co readers nearly cut my head off after saying that i was looking for more points.

    1. Lol😀 Paul what you posted was informative

    2. Thanks wizytechs for agreeing with me here.

      Knowledge is power

    3. If i have anything important to share i will drop it across to you via Pm because i don't want to create any scene here.

      My good friend has started adopting my style by always saying @wizytechs, permit me to take the liberty of sharing an important information that i got while surfing the INTERNET

      So lemme device another method of dropping useful hints here. Hoping that he won't also copy that one too.

  2. One thing that turns me off on Xiaomi phones is the fact their devices are scarce in Nigeria. Unless u are buying from online.
    But in China and India, it's like sand

    1. I stand to be corrected here

      In my own opinion, i think that reason for this scarcity is mainly due to the fact that we love MTK powered devices since they are easily tweaked unlike snapdragon powered devices.

      This is just my own opinion

    2. That is just mere speculation, Samsung phones are popular here how many percent of their devices run on MTK chips. Maybe Xiaomi does not yet see Nigeria as a viable business environment or some other factors might be in play but it is definitely not because their phones run on snapdragon that they are not popular here.

    3. You have made a valid point here but don't forget that it was just an observation from the standpoint of a single individual.

  3. Dear samsung, these phones don't have a better hardware...please do something!
    Shout out 2u wizy, u're doing a good job!

    1. Am sure probably they are trying their best.

  4. thanks oga wizy for ur informative update.and thanks to the company who have made xiaomi to get a nougat update.

  5. that is a plus on their side.
    nobody wants to be left behind

  6. Xiaomi phones are great phones in terms of everything... If you really need one you can buy it online... Since jumia are shipping it from outside. One of their member recently told me.. ND one thing is that their price too is just like our main devices that we know like infinix.gionee Tecno...