Tuesday, July 18, 2017

You Can Now Use UBA Naira Debit Card For International Transactions

Hello guys, You can now use your UBA Naira Debit Card to shop internationally BUT for a Limited Period. That's the good news we have from United Bank for Africa this week.
UBA Naira Mastercard
It seems things are getting better in the banking sector following the Naira's gradual improvement. Some banks are now lifting limitations placed on our very own Naira master card. Meaning you don't need to stress yourself any longer in order to get a barter virtual master card because you can now use your naira master card to shop online.

Recall Ecobank was the first to lift the limitation from $300 to $3000 per month and Guaranty Trust Bank ( GTB) also followed suite by lifting their own ban. Although some people are not still able to use their naira Mastercard to pay for goods and services online. A reader of this blog contacted me yesterday and narrated how the bank declined the transaction he made on Amazon with GTBank Mastercard and you come to wonder why they are still restricting some sites up till now.

So, UBA have lifted the limitation on their naira debit card from $100 to $1000 per month but for a limited time which is 31st of August 2017.

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Meanwhile, it's still unclear why they decide to make it within a short period of time but let's hope they extend it further.


  1. Thanks for Your informative update

  2. thanks for the informative update

  3. Dahz is it..
    I knew gradually other banks will participate in ds..
    UBA my best bank..

  4. Perhaps They Want To Test The Response Of Their Customers And If The Can Maintain It After That Period.

  5. I hope they will extend it further too cus the time limitation is very short,good information bro

  6. Thanks for getting us informed but the next issue for them to address is how to stabilize the currency

  7. As at the time of this post GTBANK was charging N373 to a dollar and my question now is, how much is this bank charging for a dollar?

  8. my bank should do the needful o..

  9. this is a great improvement from this bank so I think they are trying to get customer from other banks.

  10. GTB started, UBA follows....lets see who else is on the que...
    Thanks wizy!

    1. Definitely Union Bank you come up neXt

  11. this are great news customers of their respective banks to hear about,so as to remain their and not to spy and have interest of moving to another bank.