Checkout the Video Chat Device Facebook is Developing

Facebook continues expanding and this time around it's reportedly working on a dedicated video chat device for use in the home. The Facebook video chat device will come with a touchscreen measuring between 13" and 15" diagonally, and might run on Android OS.


It will feature a wide-angle camera and AI-powered microphones and speakers. The device is said to be in testing at the moment, including "in people's homes", despite still being in the prototype phase. The large screen and "smart camera technology" are supposed to help far flung people feel like they're in the same room, aligning with CEO Mark Zuckerberg's mission of bringing people closer together through Facebook.

Meanwhile, this video chat device is expected to be used mostly in the living room. One prototype has a thin, vertical stand that holds the display. For this product, Facebook is testing software that lets the camera automatically scan for people in its range and lock onto them. An example of this at work is the camera automatically zooming onto a painting that a child brought home from school to show a parent who's away on a business trip. According to reports

Also, the company is developing a 360-degree camera for the device, but this is apparently unlikely to be ready in time for the initial launch. Speaking of which, the video chat device could be officially unveiled during next spring's F8 developer conference. It should cost "a few hundred dollars" when it eventually becomes available.

Honestly, Facebook has risen beyond just a photo sharing and chatting app but spreading their tentacles into hardware and other ventures. Mark Zuckerberg, I salute you.


  1. Lemme start off by commending Mark on all his achievements.

    I'm also thinking of dropping out of Harvard University, what do you think?

  2. The CEO of Facebook is really leaving up to His words by constantly coming up with lots of features in all the apps developed by his team of erudite engineers.

    I will then draw the curtains here by saying that we are yet to see the best from him.

  3. i join ma bro wizy in saluting ds respectable young man (mark)
    i pray to have such a wonderful spirit of creativity en never to relent on ma hard works..
    thanks for d informative update en also for wakening our inner spirit..

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  5. I have this feeling that Facebook may soon come up with their own distinct OS

  6. Competition breeds innovation, Facebook is aware that if they are to remain relevant and competitive they have to branch out of social media lest the fate that befell Nokia happens to them.

    1. And they could be struggling to remain relevant just like what NOKIA is trying to do now.

  7. This device well I will have to say it's marks future plans for Facebook just one of his plans

  8. I like the fusion between Google Duo app and Truecaller app . I will definitely try it out and see the newawestruck features

  9. I like the fusion between Google Duo app and True caller app . I will definitely try it out and see the new awestruck features

  10. That is interesting but can't they build their own OS to run smart phones or computer.

  11. That is interesting but can't they build their own OS to run smart phones or computer .thanks for the update