7 Facts From iPhone 8 Scratch, Burn, Bend and Durability Test Video

The new iPhone 8 is now available but in case you aren't aware, the new Apple phone has already undergone series of torture ranging from burn, Scratch and bend test. So I will show you the shocking video as well as the facts and important observations deduced from this iPhone 8 durability test video.

Are you thinking whether the device survived the test? Well, if you watched last year's durability test video of IPhone 7, you should have a clue of what happens. Of course, iPhone 7 survived most of the torture and iPhone 8 did well as expected. You can watch the video below, then read the facts from the video after.

If you can't view the video above, then click here to watch it.


1. The glass front and back are about as scratch-resistant as the front glass on the iPhone 7 so Apple's "most durable glass ever on a smartphone" claim will likely be regarding the impact resistance rather than scratch-resistance.

2. The sapphire lens cover for the rear camera is not 100% pure sapphire and is about as scratch resistant as the glass used elsewhere on the phone, which is to say it's good but not as good as pure sapphire would be.

3. The phone uses improved ingress protection around the sides that does not pop when the phone bends, an issue that was present on the previous model.

4. The phone itself does not bend much at all, a far cry from when this design was first introduced with the original iPhone 6 that bent like a bar of chocolate on a hot day.

5. Everything you touch is either glass or metal, including the buttons on the side.

6. While not mentioned in this video, the glass back has been reported to be a lot grippier than the smooth metal surface of previous iPhones, which means it is lot less likely to slip out of your hands in the first place so you don't end up testing Apple's durability claims first hand.

7. The pixels recover from flame, which should be good news if you frequently find yourself using your phone while being engulfed in fire. (Why is this a test, again?)

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"Overall, the iPhone 8 does well in durability test. Real world scenarios will likely be less harsh so if a phone can survive this it will likely survive in the real world. But if you are paranoid Apple will be happy to charge you $39-$49 more for a case."


  1. I got the video from YouTube yesterday and i was really shocked with what i saw and at the same i was really impressed with the way and manner in which the phone was perfectly crafted.

    1. I got same feeling here,just watched the video and seeing all the bending and burning,the device is made great

  2. Its a nice gadget, but I can't use iphone as my main mobile

  3. omg ...I'm really shocked with wat I saw...I phone manufacturers are awesome

  4. Watching the video and seeing how the bending went that was the only test that convinced me completely.

    1. There are two comments above posted by Ernest which you haven't quoted.

      How did you those ones?

    2. There are two comments above posted by Ernest which you haven't quoted.

      How did you missed those ones?

    3. Is it because of my 2 comments... Its my Airtel network.. Its slow..sometimes it does not load a page..its not my fault..next Month.I will change ma sim card

  5. I watched closely as all the impact the man is giving to the phone and the shaking in his hands that was when I know that the first was real iphone has been great all the time this is not the first but good phones