Sunday, September 24, 2017

Reason Why GO Keyboard Is Now Dangerous To Your Android Phone

Hundreds of thousands of Android phone owners globally are using popular GO Keyboard as their preferred typing or input app. But the GO Keyboard is now posing some serious threat to users as security researchers from Adguard have issued a warning that the popular Keyboard app is spying on users privacy.

So beware! Go keyboard developed by GOMO DEV Team is stealing your information including your email login details. Can you believe that? That's very dangerous you know?

This put over 200 million people who are using the app in risk as the app allegedly communicate with "dozens" of ad networks and third-party trackers. The two GO Keyboard apps in question are (GO Keyboard-Emoji keyboard, Swipe input, GIFs" and "GO Keyboard-Emoticon keyboard, Free Theme, GIF."). When you install and use any of the above apps, they transmit private information about you. Meanwhile, the most confusing part is the app was voted as the best app of 2016 in 20 countries.


When installed in your Android device, the GO apps reportedly send to its server information like your Google email account associated with your Google Playstore, screen size, Android version, build and device model. Since the app records every letter you type on your phone, the server owner could start collecting whatever information he/she wants from GO Keyboard users.

Also, the apps interact with tracking networks and third-parties and execute code from a remote server.

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To battle against this and stop the potential threat, Google has been informed but they are yet to decide what to do. So it will be wise if you will immediately uninstall any GO app in your phone for now until it is fixed and declared safe again.

For the meantime, you can use SwiftKeyboard which is my favorite Android keyboard with its astonishing features or simply use the default GBoard by Google.
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  1. Wow, upon all the bending the iPhone 8 screen didn't get a crack,this phone is something else

    1. Bro I tell u..those iPhone manufacturers are awesome

  2. SwiftKey Keyboard has been my favourite from the beginning. Can't find a better one.

  3. Waow thanks for in the info. Much appreciated

  4. This is serious issue for coming concern and let's act very fast.

  5. Talking about SwiftKey keyboard, I'm currently using it in all my android phones and it awesome with lots of great features

  6. I have never like any keyboard app..I prefer to use ma default android(asop) keyboard....

    and u know all those keyboard do hang takes times b4 it comes up

  7. Swiftkeyboard is my best keyboard at all time

  8. thanks for the update... i prefer swift keyboard to the default google keyboard

  9. thanks for the update, its really helpful o.

  10. thanks for the update, its really helpful o.

  11. No keyboard is good ,.use ur default keyboard

    1. This is an assertion which hasn't been proven to be valid.

      Could you please prefer some valid claims to drive home your point

    2. Yea..I have some valid point... Which keyboard do u use

  12. I never liked Go Keyboard but that dosnt mean all keyboard are bad,Gboard is my best

  13. Ernest,Gboard which fully means Google Keyboard has many features which the default android keyboard dosnt have...................

    Am giving you a single feature

    Google Voice recognition.sometimes i don't need to type i just have to tap the voice key say me words and its out.

    Just make sureyour pronunciations are correct.

    Anything you have against the very keyboard bring it up