How To Activate 9Mobile Moreflex Tariff Bundles, Migration Codes and Price

9Mobile Moreflex is the former Etisalat Easyflex but now rebranded with new features, benefits and lots more. This post is about the new 9Mobile Moreflex Tariff, Bundles, activation/subscription and migration codes. You will also see the prices, data allocation and validity periods of each of the packages here in this post. Read on.
The 9Mobile MoreFlex Tariff plan is a package that gives subscribers more value for making calls, browsing Pay As You Go and sending SMS to any other networks. It's one of the best and cheapest bundle plans you can ever activate whenever you recharge your phone network (9Mobile).

For instance, when you recharge N300 Naira, you will get 50MB data to browse your favorite sites and N900 Naira airtime to call any networks in Nigeria. Apart from that, there are other bigger plans under this package you are also provided with and you can opt for any of them.

Previously, on this blog, I wrote on all 9Mobile Data Plans and how to activate them, I advise you to check on that post if you need more information on other plans from the network but if not, just go on with what am going to reveal to you via this post. First, let's see the benefits/advantages of this package.


  1. You will get 150% bonus on any purchase of flex 2000 and 5000 bundles.
  2. You will get 300% or more when you buy flex 300, 500 and 1000 bundles.
  3. You will get over 300% when you buy or purchase flex 4000, 10,000 and 20,000 Bundles.
  4. If you buy or purchase 2000 and 5000 flex bundle 2 times one after the other, you will get the third Bundle for free.
  5. If you recharge 5,000 and above, you will get free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 6 countries. UK (Vodafone), US (T-mobile), South Africa (Vodacom), UAE (etisalat), Netherlands (KPN) and Saudi Arabia (Mobily). This service valid for a month ( 30days ).

9Mobile Moreflex bundles
9Mobile MoreFlex Tariff Bundles
Note that you can use this plan on Android, blackberry, iPhone, jarva or Symbian phones. Meaning, it doesn't select device.

Meanwhile, now that you are aware of the benefits of this Moreflex package let's see the table containing all the plans, activation codes, validation period and other vital information below.

  • Dial *344*300# to activate 9mobile Moreflex 300, costs N300 and valid for 7 days (you get N900 talk time value plus 50MB data)
  • For other packages, check the image above for full list

Additional information about MoreFlex
  • moreflex bundles renew automatically on expiration or exhaustion.
  • to opt out of auto renewal, dial *344*0#.
  • moreflex bundles are valid till 11.59pm of the expiry day.
  • you can also enjoy receiver pays, blackberry services and data plans.


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