Is It Good To Change Your Phone's IMEI Number?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity Number and it's a 15 digit unique identification number used in mobile phones, USB modems and MiFis. In fact, all network dependent devices has a unique IMEI number. In other words, an IMEI number is allocated to each wireless radio in a device, that's why you see two IMEI numbers on a dual SIM mobile phone. The number identifies each device and can be used to trace it.
Phone imei
The IMEI number is very useful and important to a network dependent device that it can be used to trace the device and it's owner. But is there any any advantage or benefits you get when you change your phone imei? Is it good to change your phone imei? This and other important information are discussed in this post.


The IMEI number of a phone or any device is usually located inside the back cover. Alternatively, you can see your phone IMEI number by simply dialing *#06# and the number will be displayed on the screen.


Changing IMEI number is relatively easy if you are using phones with MediaTek processor. There is a tutorial on how to change imei of MTK devices. You can check the post if you need to learn. However, to change imei of non mtk devices like Samsung and LG phones can be very daunting although there is also a way to change imei of non mtk devices.

But note that changing or tweaking phone imei is illegal in some countries because it is a unique identifier. As such by default, you shouldn’t be wanting to change it if you are not involved in illegal activities, all other things being equal.


Yes there are benefits you get when you change your phone imei numbers but it is not legally good to change it.

The main advantage is allowing you enjoy Blackberry data plans on your Android devices. You Know BB plans are better than Android plans as they have more data allocations and are cheaper. First we started with Glo BIS on Android but it is now blocked. The trending one now is Airtel 3GB for N1000 BB Plan on Android.

Another benefit of changing imei is it allows you enjoy some of the promotional bonuses attached to new phones. All you need is to just get the imei number of the new phone and tweak on your old phone, Henceforth all the free data and airtime will be coming to your old phone as well.

But remember you are totally responsible for changing your phone imei number as this article is just for educational purposes and not in anyway geared towards encouraging imei changing. So you are on your own.

Moreover, in some cases, when the imei isn't changed properly, it can brick the phone. Also changing of phone's imei number completely voids the warranty.


  1. Since changing of IMEI is not yet a crime in Nigeria, it's very okay for us to keep changing it.

  2. this would have a lot of disadvantages.. m not gonna change ma imei number fr me its not good

    1. I know your the good son here, been t trust me your going to want to change it someday

  3. @paul asuquo a nice point there...but its not good to change it

  4. You lost true ownership or right to your
    device: When you buy a new phone, the
    seller always ensure to write down the imei
    number of the phone to the receipt. In my
    own knowledge, I believe they write down
    the imei to your receipt so you'd be able to
    claim your phone if its stolen and found. I
    don't really know how to explain this but
    this example will..
    Assuming u buy a device and change the
    imei, and then within 2-3 weeks the device
    gets stolen, you then rush and inform all
    your neighbours and friends to inform you
    if they find any Device that looks like yours
    in the hands of people you suspect. If by the
    grace of God they find the device, you won't
    be able to claim it. Yea, you won't be able to
    claim it since the device imei won't correlate
    to the one you have in your receipt. For sure
    the thief will win since you weren't able to
    provide that one unique source of true

    1. Your point is made clear but still am not buying it

  5. Really you said is not a crime what of after changing it and your phone start having problem

    1. And if i may asked, what sort of problem will my phone develop?

      I don't see anything wrong in changing the said number.

    2. He doesn't know how to do that

    3. That why he keep on saying it's q crime, where is it in the constitution??

    4. It you don't know anything about something just observ and learn don't blab

  6. Still on the matter, i have just discovered that we can change the IMEI via xposed modules without altering the main IMEI in the phone.

    Once the xposed module is disabled, it reverses back to the original number

  7. Still on the matter, i have just discovered that we can change the IMEI via xposed modules without altering the main IMEI in the phone.

    Once the xposed module is disabled, it reverses back to the original number

  8. There is nothing wrong with that guys

  9. Those saying its a crim I don't understand you.and you have nothing to back up your claims

  10. That shows you don't know a damn thin about what your saying.