You Can Now Use Face Filters in Instagram Live Videos

Instagram has added new "Face Filters" features to its platform meaning you can now add face filters in a live video on Instagram. In other words, you can use one of the many face filters that were recently introduced while streaming live to their followers.

Interestingly, you are not limited to only choosing a filter for a stream but you can also switch between them while you are still streaming the live videos.

Also added to Instagram is the sunglasses filter, which will be available exclusively for live videos for the next week. Users can tap on the filter to change the scenery that is reflected off the glasses.

As always, once the live broadcast ends, you can decide to save your live stream as a story for your followers to see for the next 24 hours or discard it.


  1. Though we are in a technological advanced era but must we use all the social media platforms?

    This feature is spectacular to all the Instagram fans but as for me and household, it's a no go area

  2. Instagram is really battling with snapchat this days no be small

  3. hmm let's wait again till next month let see whether there is going to be another better improvement

  4. Good features from them we are expecting more

  5. Some persons are in all social media just to answer the name their there without doing any thing.

  6. Paul lol your funny,i know you never liked all this social media apps

    for me once its not My Messenger Chat and whatsapp bro forget ooo...................