Airtel Introduces SmartRecharge, Offers 10x More Data and Call Bonus

Airtel NG has introduced a new package called smartRecharge (#DoAnyhow), it's a new offer from that gives you 10 times more on your recharge for voice and data. This package is better than the Airtel smart connect 2.0 that gives 6x more on the amount you are recharging and Airtel smartconnect 4.0 that gives 8x more on the amount you are recharging.
Airtel SmartRecharge
This package is coming in a time when MTN reshuffled their monthly data plan to give less data value for subscribers. Even Glo that claims to be the grandmasters of data are no where close to Airtel in terms of mouthwatering data and voice packages. In fact, am still subscribing and benefiting from Airtel 6GB for 1500 Naira plan. I think, Airtel is actually the "grandmasters of data".

Well, back to the main topic, the new Airtel SmartRecharge offers you 10 times value (bonus) on your recharge amount. Wait, let me clear things here by showing you how it works and how to activate airtel 10x bonus.


✔ On Airtel SmartRecharge, if you recharge N100, you’ll get N500 for calls and N500 for data.

✔️ If you recharge N200, you get N1000 for calls and N1000 for data.

✔️ N500 recharge give N2000 for calls, N3000 for data plus extra N3000 for data.

✔️ However, if you recharge N1000, you get a massive N2500 for calls, N7500 for data plus extra N7500 for data. As you can see, you get more voice and data bonuses the more you recharge.


Interestingly, this offer is open for all Airtel subscribers both new and existing customers.


✔ Just dial *220*Rechargepin# and send, to get your own bonus.

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According to Airtel;
Call. Connect. Download.
With smartRecharge we give you 10times more on your recharge value for voice and data!
Now you have even more to Stream. Dance. Sing.
Basically Do AnyHow!
Dial *220*PIN# to recharge and get your bonus today!

What do you think about this offer? Which airtel package are you using currently?


  1. I'm gonna try this out so as to see how it goes.

    Currently using the Airtel BB via IMEI tweaking

  2. Wizy how long does the bonus and data expire

  3. Please Paul asuquo how to do that airtel bb imei tweak

  4. This makes too much sense to be true oo

  5. I will quite agree with you oga wizy.

  6. Airtel is really trying nowadays, see the way they are dishing out freebies upon freebiess. This too awesome.

  7. I has also come to my notice that must of my friends uses airtel alot this days, the other day a friend said na airtel sure pass now for browsing o, i was beginning to wonder... I think its time i get one to enable rock it along with you guys.

  8. I almost forgot this question, sir please what is the validity period of this offer?? Cos its not stated here, for example i recharge 100naira on my line, how many days will it take before it expires?

  9. The problem is that it zap the amount for data while browsing the Internet. It is better if they give mb equivalent to the amount of the bonus.

  10. Nice one from airtel they are trying in their games wish all airtel customers to avail themselves of this golden opportunity to recharge their phone and enjoy the plan.

  11. Which part of simcard can u remove to enable u have free access to internet

  12. nice one from Airtel i must really say Airtel is trying...thanks fr the update

  13. Airtel is always found guilty of stealing someone's I used a data monitor app to monitor the data,nd I can say Airtel are nt trying at all ..

  14. wen u dial *223#..u will see the data
    then I had to monitor it nd I can say
    if Airtel gives u 300mb.wen u use 250mb
    they just tell u its has been exhausted...its stealing.they know wat they are doing

  15. and the last question I keep asking myself is that the *555*
    are they nt the same bonuses we are talking abt
    are they nt the same bonuses..Airtel is taking us fr granted😡😡😡😡😡

  16. The validity isn't stated here,did anyone observed this?

  17. But anyway Thanks for update bro wizy,really Appreciate this one.

  18. If the validity period isn't stated here why not call their center and confirm