TStv Will Give Out Free 5000 Decoders This Week For Testing

Good news to all Nigerians interested in owning a decoder from Telcom Satellite Television. TStv CEO of TStv today reveals that they will give out 5000 decoders to Nigerians free of charge in all states in the country to test her services.

Dr. Bright Echefu said they intended to give out the free decoders during the official launch but because of massive crowd that day, they suspended it but he promised not to disappoint the public.

So the test decoders will be issued out for free, they'll be testing their services in the all the 36 states for 2weeks after which commercialization and sales of TStv will resume officially on November 1st, 2017.

The CEO, Dr. Bright ordered those who had paid some dealers for the decoder to go back and collect their money back because the test decoders are free of charge for now.
You can watch this in the video below

Meanwhile, a lot of people are still anxious to lay their hands on the decoder including myself. My eyes are also targeting the data accompanying the decoder. What about you?


  1. Mine don plenty pass your own oga wizytechs.

    I'm targeting the following :
    ✔ Free decoder

    ✔ Extra data

    ✔ More cash as an installer

  2. From a reliable source decoders will be given to some cooperate bodies and I'm gonna ask a question, how will these bodies be able to give the needed feedback?

    Decoders should have been given to some selected installers so that we can test run it and offer posit feedbacks.

  3. Am targeting everything, as well as working as an apprentice with Mr Paul Asuquo and Oga Wisdom Obioma... Your boy is calling o..
    You people should come and carry me away o. i want to learn from this two industrious boss.

  4. Thanks for this update, but don't really know where to get one now in Benin city.

  5. Let them keep their promised not to disappoint us. Dstv bye-bye.

  6. I don't know where they are going to share the decoder and atleast they should have increased the decoder cos more than 100,000people wants to lay their hand on the decoder

  7. as fr the Tstv
    m targeting only the data...its only the data I need

  8. Most Nigerians are interested in the data and not the decoder and i won't blame them for that.

  9. The cost of data shoe reduced so that an ordinary person can afford 20gb at a reasonable cheap price.

  10. Decoder master.
    Oya lemmi leave the stage for una oo