Download Code9Help App Developed To Tackle Crime in Nigeria & Ghana

A new mobile app that will allegedly help in tackling the wave of crime in Nigeria has been released. Developed in the United Kingdom, the application, Code9Help is designed to guarantee personal help and safety in times of crime or emergency.

The mobile app, according to its developers, does among other things, sends immediate alarm to alert your contacts, as well as SMS and email to your selected contact and your GPS location shown in the email and sms.

According to Code9Help’s Marketing and Sales Director, Duke Danson, the sole purpose of the app is to make it easier for you to call for help in problematic situations.

Just with a single click of a button you can send SMS, Email and Push alerts to all your contacts.

He said the developers of the mobile app specifically designed it to tackle the issue of insecurity and response to emergencies in Africa. The application is now running in Ghana and Nigeria.

“Code9help is the smart app that guarantees you help anytime you are in trouble,” said Danson.

According to him, they also believe that it is a very useful tool the police and security organisations in Nigeria can embrace to achieve a crime-free society.

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He said, right from your mobile phone you can alert your nearest police station or personal security anytime you sense danger. Just right on your mobile phone too, you can send an alarm to your doctor and family members in case of medical emergency. Your location can easily be found and you get help on time”, Banson said.

“With just a press of a button on your phone, Code9Help finds you help and it is a sure guard against crimes like kidnapping, robbery, etc: It also guarantees you help in situations like fire outbreak and other emergencies.


The app is available for download in Nigeria via the Play Sore or the App Store. So you can Download Code9Help App and see the features for yourself.
Source: vanguardngr.


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  2. Good and wonderful development.
    Pray this will be efficient in Nigeria.

  3. Thanks for update bro wizy,really Appreciate this one.

  4. How Can it work without Internet? Can you work without eaten and drinking water?

  5. Good and wonderful developed app.

  6. I have been searching for this kind of app.

  7. When you alert your nearest police they will say, their will investigate the matter.

  8. Thanks for the informative it's very useful app.

  9. Yes Nigerian police will they work with this app?

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  11. @mustapha Can it work without Internet.
    yeah sure it supposed to work without internet but m sorry to say this
    as u type the number 9 button and as it sends the sms to all ur contact,m afraid that ur money in ur account might be missing

  12. the code 9 is a nice app least it will reduce criminal rates in Nigeria...anywhere u go thief following u around.its very bad,even our police that suppose to protect us are now becoming thieves too....

  13. I will download the app right away and let me see if Nigeria has gotten a better change...God help us

  14. Hehe i never stop observing.The faulty knows their selves.

  15. I never stop wondering how this will work in Nigeria.

    Before you press the red botton hasn't robbers shot you finish.
    Just saying my mind