Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Is TStv Actually Pirating beIN Contents? Company Replies.

    Is TStv real? Are they actually pirating contents from beIN by broadcasting some beIN channels? Are they guilty of the allegation being leveled on them by some individuals that claimed to be from beIN? Well, here is all I know about the recent saga that want to spoil our mood.

Yesterday, some people composed a letter on-behalf of beIN to TStv for intellectual property infringement. The letter stated that TStv has no right to advertise or use any channel from beIN. This means most of the sports channels will not be available if this is true. Read the excerpt of the letter below;



Dear Sir,
I am writing on behalf of beIN - a global sports and entertainment group, headquartered in Qatar. As you would be aware, beIN provides a subscription television service to more than 50 million customers worldwide. beIN's broadcast territories include the middle East & North Africa, France, united States and Canada, South East Asia, Australia & New Zealand.

beIN is the exclusive license of the broadcast rights to many of the world's major international sporting leagues and other entertainment content in our various territories. We also produce and own the copyright in our content. (Together, "beIN Content")

beIN invests substantial sums in acquiring those rights , which are highly valuable. Other parties are not permitted to copy and re-broadcast beIN Content without express authorization.

beIN is also the owner of trademark and other rights in the name "beIN" and associated branding ("beIN Trademarks"). Other parties are not permitted to use beIN Trademarks without express authorization.

Intellectual Property Infringement by TStv
We have become aware that your company TStv intends to launch a pay television service to subscribers in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa generally. Information about this service is contained on the website at

the below image was taken from your website, which indicates that you intend to make beIN channels available.

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Meanwhile, TStv quickly responded with this reply below;
We are not unaware of the messages circulating the social media regarding letters from Bein Sports and Turner respectively. We wish to inform Nigerians once again that the letters being circulated are FAKE. They were designed primarily to bias Nigerians. Kindly disregard the said frivolous letters.
TStv Africa...connecting your world!

Are you thinking what I am also thinking? Chai! All our enemies in life will fail. I hope this isn't true because I have accepted and embraced TStv with all arms, advertising their products for free.

Let's wait and see when the decoder finally goes live, only then we will check if beIN sports channels are there.
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  1. Am not sure i fully understood everything said here.anyway let me wait for more comments maybe will help me understand more

  2. Revealing more things about our dear tstv.

    Thanks for update bro wizy,really Appreciate this one.

  3. Pls o they should do something about this o.... I knew something like this may come up bad belle people ehn...

  4. will it be available in benin?? and pls any free cheat?

    1. Yes it will be available in Benin. Cheats coming soon but there are good data plans you should consider using for now

  5. Gotv and Dstv are like we shall see.. Okay we shall truely see the good aspect not the bad one

  6. The people that composed the letter are mad

  7. Haters everywhere.... I smell this is from Multichoice

  8. No matter all kind of threats TSTV should not fear nothing will stop them from airing sports channels in Nigeria.

  9. Well i no this will happen after TSTV launched others TVs, DSTV, GOTV most try to fight TSTV but their are fighting in vain.

  10. Stale. Meaning old news! It's a rubbish from the enemy. Tstv said there's nothing like that.

  11. Am observing the situation
    Bad Belle people have start they work oh..
    Any good thin must face challenge...tstv dont worry it's just a time.

  12. john omaba did you call or message them?

  13. TSTV, If they stick to all of their promises they be the best and GOTV, DSTV are finished.

  14. But how long will the N3000 subscription on TSTV will last since its pay as you use?.

  15. If all the beIN sports channels from 1-10 are available on the Tstv, Multichoice will just lost customers.

  16. The 20Gb data is what attracting customers.

  17. If the 20Gb data connect with phones and laptops. People will not how long subscribe for mtn glo and other network again.

  18. This the hand work of the TSTV opposers.

    They should be strong to fight back

  19. Wait i heard someone saying something about cheat here.

  20. Dstv will fail for their plan.thanks wizy

  21. My own is that they should not spoil the good job TSTV has done currently
    TSTV Nigeria Recruitment 2017
    is on they are already helping the economy of country by creating jobs opportunities...

  22. I will drop more exposure tomorrow cos it's getting late now

  23. After going through all the comments i can say with all amounts of certainty that so many are not into satellite installations.

    Let's look at the case of METRO DIGITAL IN PORT HARCOURT , the said company is currently airing all live matches via beIN channels.

    THE question now is, why hasn't that company been sued?

  24. The truth of the matter is that TSTV is the cause of all these media speculations.

    Why am I saying so is that they should have carried out a test transmission of their channels without encryption keys so that the end users can then confirm all claims raised by TSTV.

  25. After days of their launching they are yet to commence sales of their decoders and there is no dealer that has taken stock of their boxes and its accessories.

    Based on the above, who won't be speculating?

  26. It has already been stated by TSTV that any news item found online which hasn't been posted on either their website or social media handles shouldn't be taken serious.

    Let's just wait and see as the event unfolds.

  27. Tstv publicly denied this and even further claimed that they went with Federal government’s emissaries to sign a “non-disclosed” agreement with Bein to beam their content. As usual, we will know who is right or wrong someday.

  28. with wat I read now ,I was very shocked...why all this rumors pls.... people who are doing this are against tstv.i know it's multochoice

  29. when dstv came out,no rumors everyone love leave tstv let them show us wat they got .....

  30. m just loving this tstv just because of the 20gb data... all will be well I pray so.

  31. Paul THE question now is, why hasn't that company been sued?
    me 2 m asking ma self dat question..only God will help us

  32. me 2 m tired..i want to buy the decorder..they said it's not available..until the dealers are satisfied with wat they want to sell...

  33. @ugo No matter all kind of threats TSTV should notfear nothing will stop them from airing sports channels in Nigeria.

    only prayers can solve the problem

  34. Hmmm Paul with all this your explanation in your comments am confused the more