iOS 11.0.3 is Causing Poor performance and Battery Issues

The latest Apple OS update that came as iOS 11.0.3 is reportedly filled with bugs that results to poor performance and poorer battery life, among other issues. IPhone and iPad users who upgraded to the iOS 11.0.3 are bitterly complaining about these issues on their devices. Some of these problems started right from iOS 11, with Apple rushing out updates (iOS 11.0.1, iOS 11.0.2, and now iOS 11.0.3). It appears that iOS11 has been bug-ridden all the way.

The most common of them all is battery "draining faster" but Wandera, a security firm, took time to investigate why iOS 11 users are running on empty. Their finding was that the average iDevice running iOS 11 lasts about 96 minutes which is about 2 hrs. This is too poor because some Android devices can last up to 24 hrs on a single charge. One of the bragging rights of Android fanboys.

So I have some of the other issues that users are complaining about after upgrading to iOS 11.0.3.

✔️ stability
✔️ Touch ID
✔️ Bluetooth.
✔️ Privacy
✔️ Calendar app not working
✔️ Homescreen time display disappears intermittently
✔️ home button not working at intervals
✔️ Frozen phone
✔️ Unresponsive display

A user complaining about battery drain had this to say:

My battery life sucks ever since the upgrade. Before the upgrade, I charged my iPad twice, sometimes 3 times a week. Now it needs to be charged everyday. Also, half the time I put it on the charger, it doesn’t charge. I rue the day I upgraded to iOS 11.

Similarly, a privacy bug which that allows unauthorized people to access private was photos on iPhones running iOS 11.0.3 was also detected.

The above screenshot is a tweet from a user who had updated to the current version in hopes of a fix.

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Meanwhile, Apple has been alerted via their Twitter handle and let's hope things will be fixed as soon as possible.


  1. This is really a bad news for ios company, what ever the issue is i will advise them to fixed in other to prevent having a bad name,. But come to think of it sha their battery is not that strong and sometimes it becomes hot with in a short time

  2. They are good with cameras interms of high resolution alongside with inbuilt space i mean the phone Rom, they should also improve their battery performance

  3. Like i said earlier they should fix the bugs issue and keep it running smooth. Shikena

    thanks for the update

  4. The company should fixe the problem as fast as possible.

  5. Thanks for the informative article

  6. apple still need improvement.. they dont know people waste data to upgrade

  7. their last upgrade has a problem. now this latest one has a problem too

  8. let us see wat their new improvement will bring

  9. let us see wat their new improvement will bring