Startimes Adds Pay Per Day, Week and Month Subscription Plans

We have gradually started seeing the positive effects of serious competition in the pay TV services in Nigeria. First it was MultiChoice who introduced GOtv Max which airs La liga matches on Super Sports Select 4 and now. They also reduced the price of their decoder and now startimes has responded by introducing a new favorable system of decoder subscriptions similar to what TStv promised to offer.
Startimes pay-per-day
Startimes has just added new subscription options - pay per day, pay per week and pay per month that allows customers watch channels with as low as N60 per day. Remember, the new competitor known as TStv are offering pay per view services which I believe, prompted Startimes to take this action.

Meanwhile, we are still expecting more favorable offers from DSTV but they should act fast before they start loosing customers because going by people's comments online, it's clear they are ready to dump them for TStv if their promises are fulfilled.

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Now that StarTimes has introduced a daily subscription for a little price of just N60 and N300 for weekly subscription which lets you watch over 40 channels, what do you think DSTV will do in response because I know they won't fold hands even though they are not a match for Startimes in terms of quality, Channels, Features and so on.

Well, startimes revealed this new development earlier today on their official twitter channels and many Nigerians are happy about it as you can see from the comments on the screenshot. The new subscription model will be effective from November 1st 2017.

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However, I won't hesitate to remind us that as at the time of this report, Startimes is yet to get the rights to air live Premier League, La Liga and Champions League matches but if you are a fan of Italian League, French League 1, German Bundesliga and the Chinese League, startimes decoder is for you.

So what do you think about this new payment methods and the competition building up in the pay TV network in Nigeria?


  1. Hohohoho! I just laugh this competition is healthy for us o, it will enable them think wisely before taking a decision that will earn them big mistakes

  2. The arrival of Tstv is causing gobe for the likes of gotv, startimes and others, if they really fulfil their promises sure the sky is just their starting point

  3. Now back to startimes, this is a nice move and a good start from them, startimes is really okay but they should try as much as possible to obtain the right to airing live matches because that is what we want live matches, ranging from epl, champions league and so on.

  4. Nigerians are still patronizing Dstv because of their sports channels and other entertainment channels so if startimes or star tv do the needful, Dstv will have no choice but to reduce the high cost of their subscription packages.

  5. As you can see the competition is on gotv and startimes really want to put things right in other not to be left behind.
    But the question is what is Dstv doing about theirs?

    Or they want to loose all the customers they took years to bring together?

  6. Well stop here for now a word is enough for the wise.

    Good evening everyone.

    And thanks for this informative update

  7. Because of TSTV, MultiChoice introduced GOtv Max, now Startimes has just introduced they own new subscription options - pay per day, pay per week and pay per month so their dont want to lose customers. Lol.

  8. Life Without Competition Is Life Without Progress.

  9. That's how evolution worked. Whenever there was any tragedy like climate change, meteorite or a volcanic eruption then which ever species survived and evolved, they kind of won.

    That's the nature of competition today. In the atrocities you face today, different people will have a different technique of handling it. But the best one will save time and resources.

  10. Today competition are of two types -

    1. A healthy competition - no negative emotions. Motivated by goals only, TSTV.

    2. A negative competition - in this people actually kill sometimes. Motivated by high negative emotions like jealousy. MultiChoice who introduced GOtv Max and Startimes that just added new subscription options - pay per day, pay per week and pay per month.

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  13. Whenever a righteous man rules the people rejoices.

    Having said that i wanna reaffirm that the heat so generated by TSTVAFRICA is causing lots of changes around us

  14. The coming of TSTVAFRICA with their mouthwatering offers has opened ways for serious and healthy competitions among DSTV and STARTIMES.

    This has also revealed that these firms were actually exploiting us

  15. Lots of people are praying that TSTV should try their utmost best to fulfill all their promises.

    But what if they are unable to fulfill them?

    Only time will tell

  16. awoyale mathew i can not understand your comment!

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  18. o.m.g see competition o..this a good one..atleast they will nt be cheating

  19. i know multichoice will be force to bring their own daily subscription too

  20. its high time startimes begin fo show live matches

  21. i jst pray tstv should really come to pass cos we nigerians have been cheated

  22. startimes subscription are very high
    they are also cheaters...