Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Meet the Nigerian Who Invented Automated Finger Payment Machine

A NIGERIAN, Adedayo Sanni, has invented an Automated Finger Payment Machine, AFPM, which is a payment device with fingerprint scanner in ATM machines that stores data and links it to bank accounts for seamless transactions.

The Thumb and Pin innovation is designed to make daily financial transactions easy and secure, preventing credit or debit card theft, as well as identity theft, as account details will be encrypted in personal prints of account holders.

Finger-print data solutions partnered with IT experts in order to develop a seamless hardware and software that will further encourage smooth transactions for account holders anywhere in the world. The firm is on the verge of collaborating with necessary stakeholders in the Nigerian financial sector to bring succour through their services to the nooks and crannies of the country.

Adedayo Sanni is one of Nigeria’s big names in the entertainment industry in the United Kingdom. He diversified fully into Information Technology shortly after relocating to Atlanta years ago.

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  1. If the same enabling environment is created here at home, same fit could also be achieved.

    This is a welcome development in our banking sector and let's hope that it gets fully implemented.

  2. This is wonderful, we need more of intelligent people like this who will keep the flag of this country flying very high...

  3. Very wonderful. Let God keep him for us so that he will keep his flag flying. He is representing us well.

  4. This called History, Great man with intelligent keep it up.

  5. Thanks for this wonderful update

  6. nice one bro..
    great nigerians great talent

  7. Thanks for bringing this to our notice,good update.

  8. Hoping that one day Nigerians at home would attend this same fit.