Meet World's First 5G Phone

Qualcomm just took a big leap in its long shuffle towards 5G. The company has conducted the first 5G test on a single-chip smartphone, and it’s released the reference design for the first 5G phone. The device will be out next year, and while it’s only for testing purposes, just the fact that someone somewhere can be testing a very real 5G phone is a huge leap forwards.

The big milestone test that Qualcomm has conducted is the first 5G data connection on a single 5G modem chipset for smartphones. The chipset in question is the Snapdragon x50, a modem Qualcomm announced last year.

The test took place in Qualcomm’s San Diego labs, and saw the device achieve 1 gigabit speeds, using a number of 100MHz chunks of 28GHz spectrum. When the full spectrum of 5G frequencies is available, the chipset should be able to achieve speeds of around 5 gigabits, a whole order of magnitude faster than your home internet connection. The FTC, for the record, classifies high-speed broadband as 25Mbps, about 200 times slower than the 5 gigabits 5G should be able to achieve.

From here, Qualcomm’s roadmap aims for carriers to test 5G in 2018, with the first networks to go live in 2019. In order to help carriers test, Qualcomm has released a “reference design” smartphone for the first 5G device. It should let carriers test 5G tech in real-world scenarios, which is going to be vital for developing the technology. 5G relies on using wireless spectrum with a much higher frequency than cell networks do today. It means faster networks, but also new problems with signal and radio waves. At 28GHz, something simple like your hand can completely block the signal. For carriers and phone makers, testing 5G radios and antennas on a real phone that gets carried around and help by real humans is a very crucial step.
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Although Nigeria is still struggling to have full 4G coverage in most areas but 5G is already by the corner.


  1. There was a time that i read about a particular country experimenting their 5G reception and i asked myself, when will Nigeria get to that level?

    Yesterday night i read about this same issue under review and i was thrilled by the speed so displayed in the post.

    MediaTek should wake up and leave up to their expectations.

    1. paul i love dat ur tek should really wake up.

  2. Too many term that I don't even understand the moment, what I have to say on this is that.

    Imagine the speed of browsing on 5G that soon browsing speed will soon come to extinction.

  3. This is amazing.. Nigeria struggle before they got 4g network.. Now 5g...what is going on

  4. Even that 4G network in Nigeria have not circular to all states and communities.

  5. This is good o but not for naija.

    Could you believe that in some part of the country some locations don't have even 3g reception?

  6. This 5G nobody can talk how fast it be when browsing, the speed will be unstoppable.

  7. Thanks for sharing this information. I really like your blog post very much.

  8. The problem on slow or fast when browsing is not on phones but on network.

    Even if you are using 20G phone without good network it will not speed up.

  9. Now this is my first time of hearing this cos a friend of mine said America is in 5g already, I was like aah aah wen?

  10. Nigeria have not fully recover 4g..even if the 5g is brought to Nigeria, it will be in some States. Hahaha

  11. In some local place 2g has not been recover so we need to do something abt this...

    The speed of this 5g can download 1gb file under 10mins sef

  12. It is all well..o wish all of dem success cos I know Nigeria will have theirs one day