Saturday, November 11, 2017

Android 8.1 Will Save Space By Reducing Size of Inactive Apps

Recently, Google has shown its desire to minimize storage consuming features in Android phones. They still are working on a smart storage management app called Files Go and now they want to reduce size of Inactive apps on phones running Android 8.1 Oreo.

Though, most Smartphone makers now produces phones with bigger memory space but that won't deny the fact that some midrange phones still comes with 32GB ROM and even 16GB ROM which is really small considering the size of apps nowadays. Apps like the main Facebook app, snapchat, Google map, to mention but a few are huge memory draining apps.


So the latest commit in Android’s AOSP framework mentions a new feature that would automatically flag apps as “inactive” and deprioritizes the generation of cache files for the particular app. Android will only consider an app as “inactive” if it hasn’t been recently used in the foreground and the app package isn’t being used by another app package in the background.

These apps marked as “Inactive” won’t have cache files generated for them, thus reducing storage space. We see Google’s intention, but the reality is that we may not see its benefits until one or two years down the road. As many OEMs are still in the testing stages of Android Oreo 8.0, it will be while before 8.1 becomes the norm in other smartphones. Besides that, OEMs need to enable this feature for the device to take advantage of it.
Source: xda.
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  1. Good work from google

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  2. Wow, that means 20-10% of Android users will get the feature.

  3. Google always keeping it real with great initiative coupled with various developmental project, targeted towards technological advancement, i believe without doubts you will agree with me that technology is getting more smart on a daily basis, and the Google company is playing their positive part.
    This feature is sure going to go along way doing those stuffs mentioned earlier.
    like the Op mentioned (wizytechs)
    the importance of this may not be recognized now, but in future to come the importance will be then seen by all and put into usage.

  4. Kudos wizy for keeping it real like the Google company.

  5. wow!!! this is awesome
    I love their improvement...
    unlike other version
    wen u download those Facebook apk
    after signing up
    you will see storage space running out..
    I hate this

  6. Google also need to work
    on their apps which like eating space
    ....thanks wizy