Glo Data Plan Review: 4GB for N1000, 9.5GB for N2000 Plus Activation Code

Globacom has just reviewed their monthly data plans which now gives subscribers 4GB for N1000, 9.5GB for N2000 and 12.5GB for N2500 but this is only available to new Glo customers and those who auto renew their data before expiration.

By doing this, Glo, which is also known as the grand masters of data now offers the best data plans in Nigeria although Airtel is closely within the pace set by glo via Airtel SmartRecharge offer which gives subscribers 10x value of their recharges.
Glo data plans

✔️ N1000 gives you 1.3GB plus 3.6GB added upon renewal now makes it 4GB valid for 30 days

N2000 gives you 3.8GB plus 7.6 upon renewal now makes it 9.5GB valid for 30days

N2500 gives you 5GB and 10GB upon renewal now makes it 12.5GB valid for 30 days**

To confirm this, you can dial *777# from you phone with glo line to see the rest offers.

As you can see, these added data is tempting. Those of you that find themselves in areas with decent glo network should avail this opportunity to enjoy it.
How do you see it?


  1. Should i say wow to this now?

    Well this is really tempting o.
    The grand masters of data is at it again with mouth watery offer,
    am salivating on this already but my experience on this network in my area two days ago was frustrating.

    Choi imagine almost up to 48 hours no network coverage, i was unable to do anything, but it is back now and blazing verrrry fast.

  2. Hey! guys how fast is glo in your area interms of internet connection?
    Sometimes i do get something like 5mbps, 10mbps even upto 44mbps as been displayed on uc browser when downloading most times.
    But on a normal day, it display nothing less than 600kbs, what am i saying? I mean that's the lowest speed i do get in my area.
    Kudos wizytechs

  3. Glo is really grand masters of data.

    Their data are always getting cheaper at all time infact glo have the best and cheapest data. This our own (NIGERIA) network just like TSTV, love it joor.

  4. If a glo user you should not let this opportunity pass you by.

  5. Glo should have make this available to all customers na, why new customers only?
    Anyway i understand them, this is a way to bring back their lose customers and also to get new customers.

  6. Thanks WIZY i really appreciate this.

  7. haha uche
    I get 3mbs wen using 3g

    I don't know abt 4g
    but their collics said mbps to 100mbps

  8. my gloo data refuses to on
    I called their agent and they said that
    they are currently having some issues in ma location
    that I should exercise patient.

  9. glo is upgrading their network
    which make them even faster than AIRTEL
    they are now competiting with 9mobile

    only things that disturb gloo network is their service

  10. I just dial *777#

    nd i can see all plans perfectly
    thanks wizy

  11. Glo 0.0KB is back, on your data and enjoy now

    1. Thanks bro... But glo is currently having some issues in ma area

  12. Already subscribed to the 4Gig plan

  13. Wizy please you guys should help crack a way to use Glo Midnight YouTube data

  14. What about the net work stability

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