Checkout Hottest Tech News Today November 18 2017

Oh yea... It's weekend and am loving it. I don't know about you. Well, to add more spice to it, permit me to broadcast the latest and hottest tech news around the globe today. These topics will keep you informed on what's going on in the tech world.


👉Duo is Now the Highest Rated Google App on the Play Store

👉Canon Revives its Retro Rangefinder Camera as an 8GB USB Drive

👉TWRP for the OnePlus 5T Released Even Before the Phone Hits the Market

👉OnePlus 5 to Receive Oreo Beta Later this Month, 5T in December

👉Google Unveils Dialogflow Enterprise Edition with Enhanced Tools

👉Redmi Note 5 Specs Revealed Via Listing on Chinese e-Commerce Site

👉Ericsson Showcased The First-Ever Live 5G End-To-End Demonstration in India

👉Imgur Finally Adds Folder Functionality to its Mobile and Web Platform

👉Indians Save ₹6.3 Lakh Crore by Using Internet Calling and Messaging Apps

👉Airtel Gains 23 Million Users While Others Loose Their Active User Base

👉Tesla's "Megachargers" can Charge Semi Trucks for 650km within 30 Minutes

👉GitHub Now Alerts Users of Vulnerabilities in their Project Dependencies

👉Facebook Launches Dedicated App for Video "Creators"

👉New 'Terdot' Malware Can Steal Your Social Media Accounts

👉UC Browser Will Return to the Play Store Next Week: UCWeb

👉Qualcomm, ZTE & China Mobile Test the World's First 5G Networking Equipment

👉PressCoin is a New Cryptocurrency for Investigative Journalists

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  1. the layout of the info at the begging of each statement is not good enough... difficult to read o...adjust please.

  2. Uc browser to the play store next week..
    Well its okay, for that fact that what ever it was then will soon be sorted.
    Thanks for the compilations

  3. Thanks fr updating us...this tech really made a me happy

  4. Uc browser will return to play store
    That is nice
    And I think everyone loves it

  5. Thanks for this wonderful update and kudos to you