Trending Tech News So Far Today November 17 2017

Hello guys, I am very sorry for the late post. It has been a hectic day down here. Haven't been able to blog or even come online because of series of activities and other jobs which I do like electrical installations. Having said that, here are the top topics making wave in the tech world today.


­čô░Honor Takes a Hit At OnePlus With New Smartphone Teaser

­čô░You can Now Post Instagram Stories from the Mobile Website

­čô░YouTube Flagged an Official Google Chromebook Ad as Spam

­čô░India Might Get its very Own Hyperloop Route Soon

­čô░New iOS Update Fixes iPhone X Screen Issues

­čô░YouTube TV is Now Available on Samsung's Smart TVs

­čô░Facebook will Live Stream College Basketball Games

­čô░Tesla Unveils the Roadster, the Fastest Production Car Ever Made

­čô░'Tesla Semi' Unveiled with 500 Mile Range and Semi-Autonomous Tech

­čô░Twitter will Start Monitoring Verified Users' Offline Behavior

­čô░GitHub's Updated Atom Text Editor Now Supports Real-Time Collaboration

­čô░New Android Exploit Tricks Users into Recording Their Screen

­čô░Microsoft Fixes 17-year Old Code Execution Bug in Office

­čô░McAfee's Anti-Malware App Used to Spread Banking Malware, Emotet

­čô░New Play Store Malware Bypasses Google Play Protect to Phish Users

­čô░Technology Could Widen the Gap Between Rich and Poor: Bill Gates

­čô░Infosys to Train Employees in Self-Driving Car Engineering

­čô░China's Doogee is Making a Curved Display Flagship Smartphone

­čô░Twitter Will Remove Verification Badges From Users Violating Its Rules

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  1. Today tech really make sense...let me start seeing the most interesting ones.haha

  2. The one that make sense is­čô░You can Now Post Instagram Stories from the Mobile Website

    This people are improving everyday.. Not to forget as they are improving
    ..telegram is not left out even what's app.

  3. ­čô░India Might Get its very Own Hyperloop Route Soon

    Kudos to India...wen are we going to have ours??chai!!!!!
    ­čô░New iOS Update Fixes iPhone X Screen Issues

    Let this people fix this thing biko.....everyday it has problem.. Wasting peoples data because of upgrade

  4. You can experience instagram in two new ways: by creating stories and saving posts you like.
    You’ll see the camera icon at the top left of your feed. Tap it to take a photo or to add a photo from your library. You can also add text and change the text color. When you’re done, post it to your story by tapping “Share to Your Story”.
    Additionally on mobile web, you can now saveposts you’d like to revisit later. Access all of your saved posts by tapping the bookmark icon in the top right corner of the page.
    These features will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

  5. It's beginning to look like YouTube is just a means of testing AI development, it's no longer a platform for creators.

  6. You can also Beam directly from your iPhone via YouTube app to a Samsung Smart TV…

  7. Thanks for this wonderful update and kudos to you