Facebook Kills Messenger Stories, Syncs it With Facebook Day Stories

Facebook is doing away with the Messenger Day feature within its messaging app and now synchronizes it with the regular stories feature on the Facebook app. This means the Facebook now has the same stories across both apps.

To make it more clearer to you, henceforth, the Stories you see in the main Facebook app will now be the same ones that you see in the Messenger app. If you upload them in one app, they are visible in the other app. If you open them in one app, they are marked as viewed in the other app. They now get synchronized and works together as one.

This measure is to make it more user friendly and eliminate the extra burden of uploading pictures twice (on Facebook and messenger) in the name of day stories images.

I a similar development, Facebook is as well reportedly working on enabling cross-posting Instagram Stories to Facebook but the reverse is not yet planned. Remember, Instagram is also owned by Facebook.


  1. Facebook always keeping it real in his own domain...
    But wizy there is a part of this story am not too clear with where it was written as...
    '''I a similar development,,

    although i understand the whole update kindly run a review and make an adjustment.

  2. In other words kudos and i am looking forward, to having more exciting experience here.

  3. this is awesome... even though the messenger can see status. its no knew thing that
    even Facebook lite can view status but can't post..

    they should also apply the same thing to messenger lite..

  4. if they could do the necessary upgrade.I will be happy.
    thanks fr updating us