Google Search Adds Device Specifications Compare Features

Google has silently added a new search feature that lets you compare specifications of two devices, in a beautiful and easily understandable chart in output.

As you can see from the screenshots above, all you need is just put in a query like 'Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2XL,' and Google will display a quick comparison chart. This chart can be expanded by clicking the the blue button. There's also an option to highlight differences.

As of the time of this publication, the two google smartphones - Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL are the only devices which appears like this in search. But it's highly expected and obvious other devices will be included.

Of course, this will spur a new trend of keywords and article writing pattern for publishers as specs comparison posts will be served in such queries hence generating traffic.

This feature is yet to be officially made public by Google.


  1. Wow this is too good man,
    comparison of products and services made easy.
    I trust Google and their judgment when it comes to doing research and good service delivery.
    Am expecting the roll out feature, i can wait to explore the way it works.

  2. Kudos for bringing this to the notice of the general public.

  3. I hope this will soon reach my Redmi note 4x.Kudos to Google.

  4. Google na baba with the comparison development things are getting better and easier.

  5. Thanks for this wonderful update i really appreciate this.

  6. Am waiting for more features from GOOGLE.

  7. this people dey bust ma brain.. chain .I feel like working with them..hahaha

  8. I know I should expect more features frm them as the day goes by..thank u fr bringing this to our notice