WhatsApp Adds Search (group members) To It's Latest Update

Popular IM platform WhatsApp has added "search" for group members which now allows group admins and members to quickly search for a member instead of scrolling down the list of members in that particular group to locate him or her.
Whatsapp search features
This update is coming just a weeks after WhatsApp rolled out the delete/revoke features which lets users delete messages/chats sent in error.

Note this search features is another update added to WhatsApp beta for Android 2.17.407. and we will expect global roll out in few days time.

The WhatsApp search feature will be available to all whatsapp groups with 10 or more members in it. You can access it when you click on a group and go to list of members section. It's just located on top of members names. So instead of scrolling down and up in search of a particular member, all you need to do is just type the name in the search box and it will appear.

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This feature will actually make WhatsApp more interesting and easier to manage but note that Telegram already have this feature. Telegram also supports groups that accommodates up to 30,000 members as against WhatsApp's 256 members. Apart from that, Telegram boasts of more interesting features that whatsapp is yet to add.

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Meanwhile, to enjoy this latest Whatsapp features, you should be looking out for latest updates on Playstore and update your WhatsApp to get it.


  1. Well this feature is very much welcome but they should try and increase the number of people that can be added to whatsapp groups, it is really true that telegram had so much feature compare to whatsapp, although whatsapp is more popular and was firstly introduced,

  2. Keep us posted on more update from whatsapp.

  3. Wao nice development, WhatsApp is now improving.

  4. Whatsapp is popular because all Android, iPhone phones and some java phones do whatsapp.

  5. Telegram had much feature than whatsapp but the app can not be uses on all phones.
    WhatsApp is faster than telegram.

  6. Thanks WIZY for this interesting update.

  7. Ugo don't talk trash....what's app can't be faster than telegram..telegram is best

  8. are u in wizytechs group .its lively
    join telegram and u will know that its make sense than what's app

  9. whatsapp keep the features up but I know u can't beat telegram hahaha

  10. let see wat they got fr us this time ..real competition
    thanks fr update sir