Hottest Trending Tech News Today Monday 20th November 2017

One of the topics that caught my eyes today was the good news on Bitcoin recovery and eventually recording all time high value of $8000 according to information from Forbes. Checkout all the trending tech news today so far.


👉China's Yuho Mobile Will Invest ₹500 Crore to "Make in India"

👉Tesla to Offer An Optional Package To Make Roadster Even Faster

👉Jaguar Land Rover Tested its First Autonomous Car on Public Roads

👉Opera TV Browser for Android TV Renamed to Vewd Browser

👉After Recent Slump, Bitcoin Rises to All-time High of $8,000

👉Xiaomi Partners with Internshala to Offer Subsidized Training Programs

👉Upcoming Minecraft Graphics Update Delayed to 2018

👉Google Issues Notice to Cerberus Anti-Theft App for Policy Violation

👉Scientists Perform the World's First Head Transplant

👉EA is Developing a New Game Franchise with a 'Never Seen Before' Gameplay

👉Android Smartphone Vendors to Adopt 3D Sensing in Upcoming Models

👉Android TV Adds Support for the Cartoon Network App

👉Google Secures a Plot Adjacent To Apple's Planned Data Center In Denmark

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  1. Wow bitcoin is bouncing back to glory once again, good news.

  2. bit coin still rises to 8$8
    M happy fr them..
    Investing with bit coin brings a lot of profit and I love that...

    Scientists perform a first head transplant.

    Chai"!! Its God all the way..I grant them successAfter all slumps bit

  3. I love the techs. Keep updating us.
    Kudos to u

  4. Chinese scientists successfully carried out the first head transplant on a human corpse.

  5. The first human transplant on human cadavers has been done.

  6. What, exactly, the new Roadster’s “special option” will include remains to be seen. Although Tesla has shared things like the electric car’s range and some crazy torque numbers, the full details are still some way off. Is a 1.6 or 1.7 second 0-60 mph time feasible? Perhaps, but we need to know more about the car’s batteries and motors before we can predict for sure.