Meet Caviar Customized iPhone X That Costs £34000 (N13,600,000)

Caviar, a company famously known for customizing and making unique phones out of the official ones and placing outrageous price tags on them has come this time around with a customized latest Apple flagship smartphone. The company has launched a unique single-copy iPhone X Imperial Crown with a golden coat of arms of the Russian Empire and over 300 engraved precious stones.

The back is encrusted with 344 diamonds of different sizes. The phone also has a single line of 14 large rubies as well as a golden plaque of the two-headed eagle.

This unique iPhone X Imperial Crown uses 64 GB internal storage and will costs you a whopping RUB2,4 million, or €34,200, or about N13.6 Million in Nigerian Naira. (just for a phone?)

Of course, this is a phone for the elites and very wealthy personalities that want to extravagantly spend money on luxury.

Recall, the same company Caviar, recently launched an iPhone X with a solar panel on the back. They are also responsible for making the Nokia 3310 with a golden plaque of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump’s faces.

Now the question is; can you spend such money on a phone? For me, hell NO!


  1. I will rather use that money to get better land, building better 3 bedroom flats, start better entrepreneurs work or job whatsoever and keep my family going the rest na pepper them gang

  2. Hmm 13m Just for a phone... Trillionaires phone's

  3. Dangote can afford a hundreds of this, but he won't dare try it because e get as e be.
    Some body should help me answer this question o, the phone na investment?
    Why buying this phone with such a whooping amount of money if it cant give you the money back after sometime.
    13m can buy a land and but 3bed flat o, and money go still remain.

    If i carry 5million naira put for bank for a period of 6months i know how much it will give me back.

  4. Damn!!!!!13 million fr a phone..ah
    I will use it fr a business
    So as to invest and get profit
    My question is that ,is there anything iPhone x can do that any other phone can't?

  5. Imagine u bought the phone and u are in Nigeria
    And the phone got missing.. My brother/sister sorry is your Sir name

  6. Talking of the customized iPhone x..its awesome and cool
    Man if u can sell that gold
    U will be a big man
    Thanks fr updating us

  7. 13 milion wat?? Na to build house oh.