Hottest Trending Tech News Today November 16th, 2017

In latest trending topics today, Motorola, Walmart, Apple, Elon Musk, Adobe, Telegram, Nokia, LinkedIn, Mastercard, WhatsApp etc made news headlines and you can check them below;


👉Motorola's Polaroid Insta-Share Printer Moto Mod is Now Official

👉Elon Musk asks a Rolling Stone Journalist to Help Him Find Love

👉Walmart is Increasing Prices Online to get More Customers in Stores

👉DJI Just Launched an Apple Exclusive Mavic Pro

👉Mahindra Electric Partners with Zoomcar to Start EV Rental Service in Mysuru

👉Adobe Fixes 67 Security Vulnerabilities in Flash, Acrobat Reader, and CC Apps

👉Telegram Update Brings Albums, Saved Messages & More

👉Nokia to Start Production of 5G-Ready Base Stations at its Chennai Plant

👉Apple to Introduce First Octa-Core CPU in Next Year's iPad

👉LinkedIn Introduces Tinder-like Matching to Connect You to Mentors

👉Traces of Kaspersky Software Found on About 15% of US Agencies' Network

👉OnePlus Promises to Fix Root Access Vulnerability in its Smartphones

👉Google Launches Tensor Flow Lite Developer Preview for Android and iOS

👉Deleted WhatsApp Messages Can Still be Accessed by Recipients: Report Says

👉Pinterest Is Rolling Out New QR-Style Pincodes

👉MasterCard Files Patent for Blockchain-based Instant Payment Solution

👉The New Razer 'BlackWidow Ultimate' is Water and Dust Resistant

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  1. Cool. Informative.

  2. Thanks fr updating us..there are many new things to learn today..let's get started

  3. 👉Deleted WhatsApp Messages Can Still be Accessed by Recipients: Report Says

    How is this possible...

    Telegram also have this features sef

  4. Nokia to start production of 5g
    This people know wan give up.sha..
    I like their courage.

  5. Thanks for the informative article