See Funny Solution to Google Pixel 2 mic Not Working Issues

Reports of different issues encountered by users who bought the new Google's flagship smartphones - the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL continues and the latest problem now is the phone's mic not working.

It's reported that the phone's microphone doesn't work in some critical scenarios, like during a call or while using Assistant.

This problem has given rise to a new thread at Google's Product Forums. At the moment, the company is currently in the process of collecting bug reports hopefully to provide a fix to it.


Now the funny but interesting part of this whole thing is the temporary solution discovered by some users of the Pixel devices. Users shared that they were able to resolve the problem by blowing into the bottom speaker.

A user shared video and some other users also confirmed the solution works.

At least this funny but temporary solution should be a relief pending the time Google responds to this by bringing a better solution or fix.
What do you think?


  1. Truly this is really a hilarious way to fix phone problems. But why are all these big brands getting isseus with their devices

  2. It looks like there is an internal software malfunction in which we're experiencing such issues with the device.

  3. This might be related to the use of the headphone jack dongle. Just try the following when it happens!
    * Plug in the headphone jack dongle into the phone
    * Plug in a headphone into the dongle
    * Unplug the headphone from the dongle before you unplug the dongle from the phone
    * Unplug the dongle from the phone

    Does this solve the problem?

  4. Thanks for this funny but serious informative article.

  5. Well funny tho, but whatever it is they should try as much as possible to proffer the best solution that will help with resolving the issue.

  6. haha very funny..let them try in resolving this issue ooh