Updated Google Chrome 62 Comes With Accelerated Download Features

When it comes to better web browsing experience on PC, smartphone or tablet, Google Chrome is my best and has no rival at all. The browser is fast, simples, secure, has a beautiful user interface and lots of other features.

Now, latest version of the web browser on Playstore comes as Chrome 62 which adds "accelerated download features making your downloads more faster now that what it used to be before now.

In fact, this fast downloading part is what makes some people prefer UC browser to Chrome but google seems to know this and has acted swiftly.

Another feature I like in Chrome browser is the ability to load websites exactly the way they should appear without uttering anything yet saves your data.

With Chrome, you can be browsing as if you are surfing the internet with your PC. With just a simple tap, you can switch to desktop mode which delivers the PC version of the site you are viewing.

It supports Javascripts for easy data access and recording. Some sites requires data entry like your school, company or even organization's website requires that you input some data before you login or if you are registering stuffs, with chrome browser, you do this simply and easily than it's done on other web browsers.

Chrome browser now comes with cool data saver to minimize data consumption while browsing. It's similar to what Opera mini and UC browser offers. For other features of Chrome, head over to Google Playstore to check.


✔️ Download files faster with accelerated downloads
✔ View and manage passwords saved with Chrome
✔️ Quickly see your data savings in the Chrome menu, when Data Saver is on
✔️ Bug fixes and other performance improvements

✔ Download Chrome Browser 62 Via Playstore

So why are you not using Chrome as your main web browser? Kindly give your reason.


  1. Accelerated download that's cool improvement

  2. I remember when i wanted to register for jamb with my phone, both opera and uc browser didn't help but Chrome did the magic

  3. I am done with google chrome... it always pop up says "Your profile could not be opened correctly.."
    so i need to login everytime i need to sync my web browser to my google dashboard. i do not know what the problem..

  4. I still prefer UC browser to Chrome but let me download this latest version Chrome 62 and see how it be.

  5. Thanks for this good work WIZY, i get this kind of news from you first. Thanks a milion.......

  6. When it comes to browsing on a beautiful interface, streaming tv online, music, videos, and radio stations streaming online, i give it to chrome, because its really very much matured, than the ones mentioned below I.E 'opera mini and Uc browser' although there are others browsers i don't really know much about o. CRITICS TAKE NOTE JUST AIRING MY VIEWS BASED ON WHAT I HAVE TRIED SO FAR'
    And when i comes to fast downloading i give to Uc browser.
    Reason because it faster than the opera mini, Google chrome, firefox is not excluded.
    Although i heard there are others faster than Uc tho haven't try them.

  7. Critics do take note of what i said earlier. Its a free world so Feel free to agree or disagree with me.

  8. Uche Festus i dont think there is any app that can be faster than Uc.

    1. there should be okay... We only knew of uc due to popularity sake.

  9. Happy hats the size of the app compared to opera mini and UC mini??......... Krobo

  10. Uche Festus Uc is like whatsapp it work on all phones.

  11. Uche Festus like this Chrome browser and some other browsing apps only work on Android, iphone and PC but UC browser work on java phones and other phones.

  12. when ur calling a best browser chrome is the best,fast,reliable

  13. uc mini loads files very faster and does not load it very well

    u can't solve recaptcha in opera or uc mini
    cos they don't load pages faster

  14. have updated ma app and m enjoying it..thanks boss

  15. I always say this, when talking of fast browsing it depend on your network provided not on phones or opera mini, Uc browser and chrome browser.

  16. Since you have updated yours, you can start enjoying it.

  17. Well I prefer uc browser on my PC its very fast too and what I like bout it it allows me to put any wallpaper to the browser which makes more appealing... Both I'm not google chrome is not that good I love the interface I also have on my PC as a second choice☺