Today's Tech News and Hottest Headlines

Henceforth, I will be updating you with series of catchy Tech news headlines around the globe hopefully on daily basis. This is to keep you abreast of the recent happenings in the technology world.

Of course I write extensively on selected topics but this new trend will display all the important headlines I think would be useful to you.

I believe this is the first of its kind in the tech blog niche in Nigeria and I can see it spreading to other blogs soon. Having said that, below are some of the top tech news headlines for today.


✔️ Acquired by Chinese Startup for Close to $1 Billion

✔ Titanium Backup Updated with Support for Android Oreo

✔ DOOM is Now Available on the Nintendo Switch

✔ Split-screen Multitasking in Tablet Mode to Arrive on the Pixelbook Soon

✔️ Apple Park's Visitor Center Set to Open on November 17

✔ Sophia the Robot is Not an AI, But a Work of Art: Says Co-Creator

✔ Sony Offers a Free Month of PlayStation Plus to Users in Disaster Struck Areas

✔ PUBG Creator Reveals Screenshots of the Upcoming Desert Map

✔ Android 8.1 Will Reduce Caching of 'Inactive Apps' to Save More Space

✔️ Reddit to Soon Adopt an Interface with a Contemporary Design

✔ Dell's Next-Gen XPS 15 Might Pack a 5K Display

✔️ Xbox One X Loads Games Twice as Fast as Older Generations

✔ OnePlus 5T Beats Pixel 2 XL, Nokia 8 in Geekbench Scores

✔ Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018) with Infinity Display Spotted in Benchmarks

✔ Android's 'Phantom Call' Bug Probably Caused by Skype Lite

✔️ Disney's Online Video Service will be Cheaper than Netflix: CEO

✔️ PayPal Launches New Fundraising Service Called 'Money Pool'

✔ Football Manager 2018 Mobile is Now Available on Android and iOS

✔ iPhone X Displays Reportedly Plagued by a 'Green Line of Death'

✔ Bitcoin Drops $1,000 in the Last 48 Hours

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  1. Wow this is very impressive,
    i called this techy news around the globe.
    Sir wizy please try and do something about the digital clock.
    Do set it to correspond with the real time, the date and the month is always correct but the time is not...
    Am looking for to seeing the change soon.
    Its really verrrry important.

  2. After going through the list of the update here, two things caught my attention.
    (1) Disney's Online Video Service will be Cheaper than Netflix: CEO
    this is a very good news...
    I will stop there, for you to ponder on.
    (2) Bitcoin Drops $1,000 in the Last 48 Hours
    this is really sad...
    I pray they gain their position back as soon as possible.

    Yeah i hope so...

  3. Uche Festus that digital clock it has already been program i notice the same in all Nigeria tech blogs.

  4. wow this is nice
    at least I will get updated
    thanks wizy☺☺☺

  5. the information I want to hear abt is that
    iPhone X Displays Reportedly Plagued by a 'Green Line of Death'

    man it will be very interesting..
    bitcoin drops $1000 in the last 48hrs

  6. Today is Monday, November 13. |2:32:44 AM

    wizy ur date/time is incorrect