9Mobile Acquisition: Airtel, Glo, Smile Close to Acquiring 9Mobile

9Mobile acquisition saga is not over yet even after rebranding and changing name from Etisalat Nigeria to 9Mobile. In fact, the company is up for sale and 16 companies started bidding for it.

But the process involves screening so out of the initial 16 bidders that showed interest to acquire 9Mobile, only 5 bidders are left. Also, from this 5 bidders, one company will eventually emerge as the sole bidder who will now take ownership of the network in coming weeks.

Interestingly, out of the 5 names remaining, 3 are so familiar to us probably because they are also top network providers in the country. Airtel, Globacom and Smile are all among the top contenders. Check the list below:

1. Airtel
2. Globacom
3. Smile
4. Helios
5. Teleology Holdings Limited

These remaining 5 bidders of 9mobile have secured qualifications for the next stage in which 1 will come out as winner. 9mobile has been standing on one.

9mobile, formerly Etisalat Nigeria, was put on the block early this year after it defaulted on a $1.2 billion loan from a consortium of 13 Nigerian banks. Etisalat Group the mother company in Abu Dhabi backed out leaving its Nigeria arm of business to fate, to survive on a new name.

Since the debt issue, 9mobile, the country’s fourth biggest operator, has lost subscribers. In October its total number of users had fallen to 17.1 million, giving it a 12.2 percent market share, from 20 million subscribers with a 14 percent share earlier this year.
Who among these 5 bidders do you think will acquire 9mobile?
Sources: Reuters, yomiprof


  1. So 9mobile still wanna give up there network company isok.Good update Wizytechs

  2. I pray globacom wins. To reduce cost of data and speed increases not reduce like Glo

  3. Omo I pray say make Glo buy am oo

  4. Mtn will be forced to reduce tariff and data price

  5. Hmm, okay
    the top 3 contenders to look out for right now should be Globacom, Airtel and smile..

    So i think Glo will do anything to make sure they secure the position as the winner,
    they stands to gain so much when they succeed in buying the company.

  6. The reason why i want globacom to acquire the 9mobile company.

    We all know that they offer the most cheapest data services both in 3g and 4g service.

    But there are so many complains coming from their customers across various state and locations,

    so them taking advantage buying this will enable them improve their network service coverage and thereby enabling them offering more of good quality internet and voice service.

    although its a bad news that the 9mobile company couldnt manage their company due to the huge debt crisis hanging around them. But kind of a good news to Globacom if they finally succeed buying the company.

  7. in Nigeria anything can happen..my concern is who are behind those two unknown bidding compqnies,if its too politicians or Dangote dem,no hope dey for the rest o.........krobo