Today's Tech News Headlines at a Glance

Yeaaa Apple is in the news, this time the are mounting pressure in their pursuit to acquire popular music recognition app - Shazam.

Also, technology is taking a new turn in the airline ✈ industry as Halifax Airport has started using facial scanners. It's reported that more custom outfits will adopt this in the bear future.

Google is also in the news with the improvements in Map reading and precision. Google said, the map app will soon be able to tell you when to get off from the train or bus probably when you reach your destination. This will be very useful for those traveling to unfamiliar places.


👉🏿Apple likely to acquire music recognition app Shazam

👉🏿‘First Tesla Model X SUV’ arrives in India, electrifies social media

👉🏿Facial scanners now in use at customs in Halifax airport

👉🏿WhatsApp to launch new ‘standalone app

👉🏿Google Maps will soon tell you when it’s time to get off your train or bus

👉🏿YouTube to Launch Paid Music Streaming Service Next Year

👉🏿Chrome Remote Desktop moves to the web browser and gets a facelift

👉🏿iPhone Xc concept imagines iPhone X features in an affordable, colorful package 

👉🏿Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Android 8.0 Oreo test firmware leaked


  1. Nice..
    This one that apple company is making the move of acquiring the music recognition app Shazam is a good development tho.
    I just pray they don't end up making it a paid app like some of their apps.

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