Bitcoin Drops 10%, Check Other Trending Tech News Right Now

One of the top trending news right now is Bitcoin dropping 10% as top Cryptocurrency marketplace starts supporting rival Bitcoin cash. In the other news, after acquiring Shazam, Apple has added "offline mode" on the app. Also, Google has removed Google Chrome installer from Windows store. These and many more headlines are making waves today.


👉🏿Apple is Merging iPhone, iPad, and Mac Apps as Early as Next Year

👉🏿Karma's Anonymous Lte Hotspot Goes on Sale Next Month

👉🏿Pokémon Go iOS Update will Deliver More Advanced Augmented Reality Thanks to ARkit

👉🏿Bitcoin Drops 10% as Top Cryptocurrency Marketplace Starts Supporting Rival Bitcoin Cash

👉🏿Microsoft Removes Google’s Chrome Installer from the Windows Store

👉🏿Windows 10's 'timeline' Continuity Is Available for Testing

👉"Password" Among the Most Abused Passwords in 2017 According to Data Breached

👉Opera Browser's News Reader now has 100 Million Active Readers

👉Pokemon GO to Introduce a New Way of Catching Pokemon

👉HDFC Bank's AI Powered Chatbot Now Works with Google Assistant

👉YouTube Signs Licensing Deal with Universal Music Group

👉Samsung's Super-Wide Gaming Monitor Becomes the First HDR-Certified Display

👉Waze Now Guides Commuters in Liam Neeson's Voice

👉Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta Dates Announced Will begin in 14 Jan 2018

👉Shazam Gains Offline Mode on iOS with a New Update

👉Personal Details of 120 Million US Households were Freely Available on the Internet

👉Elon Musk Accidentally Shared his Personal Number with 16 Million People

👉Chinese Clothing Brand Sues Apple for Stealing its Logo

👉Chrome's Built-in Ad Blocker will Go Live from February 15 Next Year

👉Tesla Semi Truck's Real Life Performance Falls in Line with the Company's Claims

👉Upcoming Nokia Device with QWERTY Keyboard Gets FCC Approval

👉Reliance Jio Pulls Down JioTV Web Version Due to ‘Technical Litigation’ Issues

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  1. Interest headlines no doubt. But the bitcoin issue is something i pray should be stable with time as the headline says that
    Bitcoin dropping 10% as top Cryptocurrency marketplace starts supporting rival Bitcoin cash.

  2. Wawu!! This news are scaring oo!

  3. Thanks for the informative article