Facebook Messenger Lite App Records Over 100 Million Downloads

Remember the Facebook lite app that was introduced in October last year? It has achieved a new milestone as the app has been downloaded more than 100 million times on Google Playstore.

Its Google Play listing now reveals it has scored over 100 million installs meaning it's taking the footsteps of the regular messenger app and in no time, it should add more millions to the numbers.

Facebook Messenger Lite app built with an aim to operate with as little resources as possible (especially data and network). I mean the app is targeted at people using low-end devices and those residing in areas with low network.

So in line with the focus, it was made available in a handful of developing countries first, before expanding globally.

In October this year, the app officially arrived in the US, UK, Canada, and Ireland.
Are you among the people using Messenger Lite?


  1. Yeah...
    Most times i do make use of it.


  2. although i have the official app,
    but will be showing you the reason why i use the lite version.
    1 It saves data:
    i use it when my data subscription is less to save and manage data.
    2 Network management:
    i return to using this one when network is slow, and because it is very fast even without 3g or others .
    Well this two reasons is okay for now.