Comparing Latest Glo Data Plans with MTN, Airtel and 9Mobile Plans

Many Nigerians were disappointed yesterday when they learnt that Glo has slashed their data volumes for monthly plans but do you think Glo data bundles are now more expensive than that from other networks operating in the country? Well, the answer is here on this post.

Well, the below statement is from Globacom website heaping praise on their data packages. Meanwhile, you will see how Glo Data plans compares with MTN, Airtel and 9Mobile data plans.

"Glo is offering UNMATHCED DATA VALUE, giving you the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

Our data plans range from daily, weekly, monthly and flexi plans to Blackberry Plans including plans for Blackberry 10 devices.

We offer much more data volumes for much lesser prices. We also provide a self care data management portal, the High Speed Internet (HSI) portal where you can view your data usage, share data, buy data and gift data, available at

Dial *777# or visit to buy and manage subscriptions (Applicable to mobile devices Using the Glo Bolt Internet service)."
Compare glo, mtn, Airtel, 9Mobile data plans
As you can see from the image, Glo still offers the cheapest data plans. For instance, Globacom now gives 2GB for N1000 monthly data but MTN gives 1GB plus 500MB bonus usable at night while Airtel gives 1.5GB for same N1k price for a monthly plan. 9Mobile here is even more expensive as they give just 1GB for N1000 which valid for a month.

While Glo offers the cheapest data plans, they are the worst network in terms of coverage and speed in most areas in Nigeria as can be seen from many comments from users online.

Also, Glo users are having a serious difficult time as they can't access most blogs/websites on https except they use a VPN. It's too bad for user experience. How can one subscribe for a plan and unable to visit his or her favorite sites?

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Glo need to wake up before they loose all majority of their subscribers to rivals.
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  1. Yeah, the issue of network coverage on the glo network is a set back, in some locations tho, but i wonder what they are doing about it, are they not seeing the lamentations of their customers or subscribers on the different blogs and social media platform? That i would have love to mention but i don't have money for advertplacement now, Lol.... Now back to the whole thing, still on glo data issue, glo was the first network in Nigeria to
    offer cheap data subscription, quote me if i am wrong, i won't blame them for the reduction of their data caps because things are not too easy going for them right now, maybe they will do the needful again to increase their data, when things turns out to be smooth for then in nearest future, but considering it sha o, their data still remain the cheapest followed by airtel,
    still manageable Right?
    But the issue of poor quality of network should be looked into, i believe that is their greatest fault right now...

    Well thanks for visiting wizytechs.

  2. Really glo dropping there data plan it seems they have forgotten that their network coverage isn't good at and why most people stick to them was for the 4gig despite the bad network I bet they are going to loose a lot of customers more to MTN mostly those enjoying double data like me when I sub #1200 on MTN I GET a whooping 5.5gig in all