Hoverwatch Phone Tracker Allows You Spy on Cell Phones, Sign Up Now

You may be hearing or reading about mobile phone tracking but do you actually know what it is? Do you know how it is used and its importannce? well, let me start by quoting the Wikipedia definition of phone tracking which is "the ascertaining of the position or location of a mobile phone, whether stationary or moving." One of the best cell phone trackers you should consider using is the Hoverwatch tracker.
hoverwatch phone tracker
With a single account, you can be able to not only track phone location, Whatsapp messages or record calls, but also track five cell phone devices at a go!

In this article, I will point out some of the benefits of using this tracker and am sure you will love it. The world has gone digital and it's a good idea to follow the trend. Just as car tracking is important and popular, cell phones tracking is also important. Oh wait, by the time you are done reading this you will be amazed at the advantages of this.


✔️ With this app, you can monitor your children's online activities on social media and the internet. Protect them from accessing pornographic and radicalization contents.

✔️ With this app, you can protect your data if you are concerned about security and safety of your private files and mails. The app will let you know if someone had access to your phone without your consent.

✔️ The app is also useful to companies and organizations who are concerned about how their data and communications tools are used.

As you can see, these are just the main benefits of using this program. But let's see some of the features below.


✔️ Phone Location Tracking: The tracker uses GSM tower signals to track phones so whether the GPS and WiFi is turned off, the phone can still be tracked. This is where it has upper hand against majority of similar apps which depends on mainly GPS.

✔️ Facebook Message tracking: you can also track Facebook messages by saving incoming and outgoing facebook messages including video and audio files

✔️ Recording Calls: with the app, you can monitor and record incoming and outgoing calls of your monitored device when there is internet connection on the device.

✔️ Stealth Tracking: If you are concerned about being caught in the act of tracking another person's phone, you should worry no more because Hoverwatch tracker app can perform all its tasks in the background without the victim noticing what is going on.

✔️ SMS tracking: Just like whatsapp and messenger tracking, you can also access Sent and received SMS and MMS via the text message spy records including the GPS location at that time.

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✔️ Detects SIM card Change: this particular feature is available in some new flagship smartphones, it notifies you whenever a SIM card is replaced on the phone you are tracking. You will also be provided with the mobile phone number of the new SIM card so that you can easily track the owner. This feature is very important when the phone is stolen as you can easily get the person who stole it his phone number.

✔️ Whatsapp tracker: Are you in an insecure relationship where you always suspect your partner of cheating? This could help reveal his or her secrete life on whatsapp as you can track all sent and received messages with this program.

✔️ Browsing History: Hoverwatch spy app records all website information accessed via your phone. This can help you get juicy information on what your friends or co-worker is usually up to when he/she borrows your phone.
hoverwatch cell phone tracker


This services are not completely free of charge but I think the price is pocket friendly if you really need the awesome services. First, you will need to:
sign up for FREE to get online account, you need to enter your email and password
Prepare your device by downloading the mobile tracker from your account
Then start watching and monitoring recorded data including calls, sms, GPS etc.


✔️ For personal usage of the app for a month, you will be charged $19.95, $49.95 for three months $99.95 for a whole year. But only $8.33 for one device

✔️ Hoverwatch Family user charges include: $39.95 for monthly use, $99.95 for three months use and $199.95 for year use but just $3.33 per device for a month

✔️ For Business: $149.95 per month, $299.95for three months, $499.95 for year use but only $1.67 per device for a month.


✔ You can download Hoverwatch phone tracker using this link


In the world of rocket science technology, you need to follow the trends. Though the prices may scare you but the features of Hoverwatch phone tracker app justifies it. What do you think about this program?