Telegram Update: You Can Now Add Up To 100,000 Members in Super Group

Telegram is definitely an excellent alternative to WhatsApp and if you are not yet on Telegram, you are missing a lot because it has more and more beautiful features. The latest update of the instant messaging app now allow you add up to 100,000 members in a Telegram Group. Amazing right? That's one of the reasons it's better than whatsapp. Now, below is the official statement from social media platform in regards to this latest development

"We have increased the member limit for supergroups to 100,000.

If you're looking to get more users in your community, the best strategy is to open a channel on Telegram. Channels are the perfect tool for broadcasting your messages to the masses because they can have an unlimited number of subscribers.

With channels, you can broadcast important announcements to millions of people or post answers to the most popular questions from members of your supergroups.


See this post for more info on channels:".


You know in virtually everything you do in this world, both offline business and online, you need people that will patronize you. That's the reason you see people and big firms running adverts on different platforms to get the attention of more people and create awareness about their products.

Now Telegram offers you this for free. Any user of Telegram is free to create a Group or channel and invite his or her friends to join it.

While WhatsApp has just group member limit of 256, Telegram now has 100k. Imagine if you have a group of let's say 700 members and you are a data reseller, a blogger, a a cartoonist, a web designer or anything else, don't you think the probability of getting more customers and clients are higher than when you have just 256 members in a group?


Also Telegram has bots that will allow group admins manage their groups if they want. Admins also has super power to restrict a member, give him temporary or permanent ban. In fact you can read more about amazing Telegram features to understand fully what I am saying.

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  1. I joined the platform not too long ago, what i have seen so far is commendable, Telegram is just too awesome, just yesterday i got to learn alot through their FAQ section, i can say without mincing words, that telegram is better than whatsapp in every ramifications, if you take a look at the screenshot above the second picture there that's me Uche Festus, so if you haven't join Telegram today, do join now and also join Wizytechs group for awesome technology news from our friends sitting 'jejely in the group, now let me share with you how i discovered wizytechs Telegram group...

    After joining the group i decided to search for wizytechs on the search bar, fortunately it came out and i joined, apart from that you an search for someone and also request to add him or her up, that is to say it has some of those features present on Facebook, isn't that awesome?
    But on whatsapp you can only search for group or people you already have on your list, but on telegram you can search for them even when you don't have them on your list, whatsapp limitations is just too much, feel free to join today and let us share ideas to discover more ideas....