9Mobile Will Go Out of Service for System Upgrade

While we are still talking about the recent 9Mobile saga and the reported sale, NCC warned that the media should be careful of their reportage in regards to the sale of the network.

However, 9Mobile has announced that subscribers may experience bad network connections this weekend and has started sending SMS MESSAGES, and social media updates on their Facebook Twitter and Twitter accounts.

You may experience some service disruption from Sat. 3rd Feb. 2018 4pm to 8am Sun 4th Feb 2018, This is due to a system upgrade. Please bear with us.


So if you it's really severe in your location, you may switch to another network for the time being.

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  1. That's thoughtful of them, this is what we should be getting from this Telcos, when things like this is to be done, they should try as much possible to carry everyone along...

    Unlike the grandmasters of data, before carrying out their system maintenance or call it upgrade they dont send messages to their subscribers notifying then of their new trends, they just do it and along the line the whole thing will just disrupt someone's plans,

    let me share with you one of those encounter i had with them,

    i bought recharge card i intended to use for subscription, but i was unable to load the recharge card, i was getting series of error messages like Unsuccessful, that which got me frustrated all through....
    I made so many attempts to reach them via the customer care line, no way, until it was revealed that they were carrying out system upgrade bla bla bla and that all their agent were busy and that they can't attend to me that moment, hmm it was so annoying sha...

    I have been off for some days now, due to issues which was beyond my control, so i just had to allow fate take care of it..

    Its good to be back friends...