Amazing Tech News That Made Waves In the Weekend

Happy new week to all of us here. I wish everyone a very successful week ahead. You will succeed and find favor in all your endeavors.

Well, as always, I try to keep you updated on recent happenings in the Technology industry so that you won't be ignorant of the trending headlines. Feel free to check them out below.


👉🏿9Mobile system upgrade is back after some hours of disrupted services over the weekend

👉🏿Facebook May Soon Tell If You Are Rich Or Poor

👉🏿Apple Sets Records With Its Best iPhone Ever

👉🏿iOS 11.3 hints at Apple’s work on an iCloud-based single sign-on solution for websites

👉🏿Tesla is coming to 800 Home Depot stores

👉🏿The Apple HomePod speaker will not work with your Android

👉🏿New version of Razer Phone adds gold color to its back logo

👉🏿SpaceX’s Best Hope for Sending People to Mars Will Launch This Week

👉🏿Facebook introduces Friends Awards, personalised video, and more

👉🏿Bitcoin has a huge scaling problem—Lightning could be the solution

👉🏿Centennial Flame upgrade project cost taxpayers $845,000

👉🏿Hyundai’s self-driving fuel cell cars complete a record highway trip

👉🏿Next-gen 6.1-inch LCD iPhone again predicted to outsell OLED models

👉🏿Apple offers free repairs for iPhone glitch

👉🏿Banks ban credit purchase of cryptocurrency due to risks

👉🏿Microsoft to drop Windows 10 S as a stand-alone product

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  1. Interesting and breaking news we have here but i will love to read the full post concerning the purchase of cryptocurrency due to risks...

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