Introducing World First Smartphone-Driven Car

China has hit another milestone in the tech industry by making a car driven with a smartphone. The car will line up among the self driven cars already manufactured by the Chinese tech wizards. This particular car will be driven from a smartphone - the Huawei Mate 10 Pro to be precise. You can check the full features and price of the phone here.

I still can't believe that some people especially in Africa don't value the technical expertise of the Chinese. I personally, admires them because their lifestyle is worthy of emulation. They are innovative and industrious.

If you are told that you’ll use your smartphone to driver a car, would you have believed it? But now you can see it's possible.

The unveiling of the amazing car was done under the RoadReader project, where Huawei tried to put the AI capabilities of the Mate 10 Pro and their object recognition technology to the test.

"Unlike other driverless cars, which simply detect obstacles, Huawei has transformed a Porsche Panamera into a driverless vehicle that doesn't just see, but crucially understands its surroundings," the Chinese tech giant said.

Below is about the designing of the smartphone-controlled car with an absolutely terrified-looking dog. Don't worry, he's fine. In fact, he's a good boy. We hope he wasn't "subject 294" or something, is all.

Now you believe that anything could be possible with the help of technology.


  1. and when the phone battery is low.. gbagam... but really, this is the coolest thing I've ever seen

  2. Yeah for sure, i believe, it first started as using a phone to operate tv and other gadget now a car, anything is possible i won't be surprise if the next one turns out to be a phone controlling a jet plane...

    Those cars is good for them alone, not in our jagajaga roads,

    Chinese are really trying but majority of their goods at times doesn't last, probably because the fake manufacturers are much more than the authentic ones..