You Can Now Add Description To WhatsApp Groups

While users are waiting for WhatsApp Super Power to be rolled out, a new feature has just being added. This latest feature allows you to add description on your WhatsApp group just as it is on Telegram.

This latest update is currently being rolled out to Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices. Are we getting closer to WhatsApp super power? Personally, I think whatsapp is taking it too long to release that feature.
Whatsapp group

Currently, the group description feature is only available for Windows Phone and Android beta testers for group owners.

The feature started rolling out yesterday and it allows Group owners to add a description stating what the group is all about.

The description can be seen by all the group members at the top of the group info section.

Additionally, when sharing a group link to some people to join, the description will be shown to them in form of an excerpt.

This is very useful because you will now be able to know what a group is all about before you join. Also you don't need to ask participants or group owners or admins again what the hell is the group for. With the description, you should be well guided and informed about it.

When a new participant joins the group using a group invite link (or an admin adds him), the new participant will see a pinned box, where it will be visible the description of the group.
Whatsapp group description

However, the pinned description will vanish automatically once the user leaves the chat and it won’t display again in subsequent entrance.

Unfortunately, because the Admin Super Power feature is not yet available on WhatsApp, any member of the group can edit the group description for now.

But when the Super Power comes LIVE, the group administrator will be able to restrict this feature, preventing no-administrators to modify the group description.

Do you still think that WhatsApp will beat Telegram in terms of features?

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  1. Hmm something Telegram users can testify to..

    Now they feel like introducing it, good o but they they still have a lot to do, they should increase the number of people in groups.