Globacom Reacts To Alleged Firing Of Married Women

For some weeks now, Globacom has been on the news for the wrong reason which is the alleged sacking of married women in their pay-sheet. Protest has been going on in Enugu, Lagos and some other states. But Glo has now taken the bull by the horn by responding to the accusation.

Nigerian indigenous Telecoms giant Globacom Ltd, (AKA Glo), has been accused of mass-sacking members of staff who are female and married.

According to some of the staff that were laid off, both married and unmarried staff were fired but married women were most affected.

An unverified document shared by Twitter user @duchesskk showed that of 97 women sacked by Glo, only 4 were single, while the rest were married. See the documents here.
Workers sack tweets

For more confirmation, some of the affected former member of staffs allowed TVC to interrogate them on the "let's talk" TV program. According to them, they were told that their services are no longer required. You can see the interview via this link.
Glo sacks workers

Meanwhile, Glo reacted by debugging the claims that married women were targeted in the mass sack.
In a statement released on its Twitter, the company revealed that both male and female, single and married, were let go. Read;
Glo workers sack statement

Globacom has in the recent past let go of employees, both male and female, married and single, due to performance issues. It is not true that this was restricted to married women alone.
Do you think it's right to massively lay off  staffs at the first place?


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