9Mobile 1GB for N200: How To Be Eligible To Activate It Always

Hello guys, I'm sure this is not the first time you are reading or hearing about this plan. This is because 9Mobile 1GB for N200 plan is one of the cheapest data plans in Nigeria though it valid for 3 days upon activation. Recall there is also 5GB for N1000 on 9Mobile, I think you should also check it out.

This plan has been of tremendous benefit to 9Mobile subscribers who needs more data volume to achieve certain stuffs online such as software upgrade, streaming of videos, downloading of apps etc. But unfortunately, some people are getting issues of not being able to activate the 1GB for N200 plan because of eligibility issues.

So if you are among these set of customers that can no longer activate the plan, kindly follow this simple trick to get you eligible one again. It has been tested and working perfectly for many people who uses 9Mobile (Etisalat) SIM.

The Etisalat N200 for 1GB data plan from 9mobile network gives you 1GB data bonus when you recharge N200 by dialling *929*10# and that’s all. Can you compare that to the normal plan of N200 for 100MB data from 9mobile? Or the N1000 for 1GB plan from same network? Absolutely, No! Although those ones has more lengthy validity period. One month precisely.
9Mobile n200 for 1gb


Someone asked, how can I be eligible for 9Mobile N200 for 1GB plan? The answer is you need to activate the plan on weekends from Friday till Sunday. There is no restrictions in these days.
9Mobile 1gb for n200 plan

Note this information is for those that are having problems activating it on a normal day otherwise, the previous method still works.

This plan works on any device including your Android smartphone, iPhone, modem etc. And it works any day and all night without throttling. Enjoy!


  1. This is what I have been searching for. Thanks wizy

  2. After I have activate it doing the weekend can I still activate it weekdays