How To Subscribe Airtel N1000 For 3GB Android Data Plan in 2018

This Airtel N1000 for 3GB data plan works on all SIM cards therefore it's not based on eligibility and it's available for both Android and Blackberry users. Recall, Airtel NG introduced double data plans which also gives customers 3GB for 1k but this plan is not a double data offer. There are two ways to subscribe Airtel N1000 for 3GB in 2018; one method is through auto-renewal while the second method involves a certain USSD code.
Airtel n1000 for 3gb plan

Recall there is an a Blackberry plan that offers 3GB for N1400. However, now you have a great opportunity to use 3GB for N1000 because the telecommunications company have subtracted N400.

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The Airtel 3GB for N1000 will be given on Airtel data auto-renewal. If an Airtel user subscribes to the usual 1.5gb 1000 Naira Airtel monthly data plan and he/she renew the data subscription before it is exhausted, the renewed subscription will be doubled to 3gb.


✔️ FIRST METHOD: Dial *496# to subscribe to the usual Airtel 1.5GB for N1000 plan. You can re-subscribe or auto-renew your subscription before it is exhausted and you will be given an additional 1.5gb data bonus.

✔️ SECOND METHOD: recharge 1000 Naira on your Airtel line and dial this subscription code for N1000 - *431#.

Remember to check your remaining data balance, you have to dial *140#.

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Is this one if the best data plans? Your guess is as good as mine... Winks.


  1. Cool Information. Thanks Wizy

  2. The BlackBerry service plan has been disconnected..... This is what I got Wizy, it's not working for me though my account is low

  3. Note that this plan has been discontinued on SOME Sims but currently working for me.

  4. service discontinued, well its all good...