Latest WhatsApp Update: Group Calls, Restrict Group And Announcements

From one update to the other, WhatsApp keeps adding more features on frequent basis. The latest set of features to be included soon on whatsapp chatting app includes "group calls, restrict group, and group announcement features". I will break them down briefly for you here on this post.

Talking about the group calling features, the company made it clear that voice and video calling are popular on the messaging app, which makes group calling a logical next step.

Just like conference call, the new group calling feature will allow four people to join a group call simultaneously. This will let them discuss common issues by talking about it together without chatting by sending text messages. In other words, group calls is a voice chat version of Whatsapp group chats.

WhatsApp also revealed that more stickers will be added to the platform following the example of Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

Just a tip: Stickers are similar to emojis, however, the difference is that they are often larger and more unique than the usual set of emoticons available by default to users.


WhatsApp is rolling out the Restrict Group Features currently to all whatsapp beta version 2.18.132 on Android, iOS and Windows phones.
Whatsapp restrict group feature

The Restrict group feature adds more Privacy settings to the group. It allows only the admins to edit the group description thereby restricting non administrator from modifying the group description.

In Admin Settings, the administrator can restrict who can change the group info.

WhatsApp Restrict Group Feature which will only allow group admins to post.

The Restrict Group feature will allow only admins of a group to send texts while everyone else will only be able to read them. Group members will only have their message seen after gaining approval from the admin.
Whatsapp update
Img source: wabetinfo

The feature will be added to iOS and Android versions of the app in the coming update.

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Recall that Facebook recently added "announcements" feature to Facebook Groups which allow group admins to mark at least 5 posts as announcements and those posts will be pinned to the top of the group for everyone to see.
Now WhatsApp is also working on a similar feature and it's a matter of time before these new updates are rolled out for everyone to enjoy.


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