Google Implementing Non-Skippable Ads on YouTube Channels

The new YouTube Non-Skippable ads will be beneficial to YouTube Channel owners while it will be a torn in the flesh for subscribers especially those on low data management.

If you are such that love to watch YouTube videos, beginning from next week, you might be unable to skip ads to the video you want to watch. It's quite unfortunate how google want to impose ads on YouTubers just like that.

When this feature is finally in place, you must complete watching ads before you can watch the Video you want to watch on YouTube.
YouTube Non-Skippable ads

Already this Non-Skippable ads feature is already available on some YouTube channels for experimental purposes prior to full roll out because the company says it’s releasing it to everyone in the YouTube Partner Program, so creators can get the chance to earn more money.

According to a Google Help page, the max video length for non-skippable ads is 15 to 20 seconds.
This is still longer than the typical 5-second “mandatory watch” period of skippable adverts, however, which many users are accustomed to seeing.

This feature will be auto activated for YouTube Channel created and same applies to their previous upload.

The good news is that YouTube Channel owners will make more money via this compulsory, ‘must watch’, advert from google while subscribers will have to suffer for it. It reminds me of the saying "one mans food is another mans poison".

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