How To Backup Your Contacts On Android for Free

Contacts backup is very important and vital because one day you may be desperately in need of your lost contacts. You can loose your contacts through phone theft, damage, viruses etc but with a good backup, you can easily access and restore all your contacts for free.

What Is The Best Method Of Phone Contact Backup? In recent times, the number of contacts in our phones has increased and it keeps increasing with time so SIM backup is no longer a viable option because some SIM cards are limited to store about 250 contacts. Also if you choose to store or backup your contacts in your phone memory, it might not be the perfect place to do so because the phone could be infected by virus and demand flashing which will result to the wiping out of all saved data in it. So the best way to backup your contacts is via cloud either with google app called "Google Contacts" dedicated for it, your Gmail or even Dropbox.

Backups stored in these places are more safer and accessible anywhere in the world. Virtually every Android device comes with Google Contacts application pre-installed on them. Every person with google account can use this app to Backup all the contacts on his or her phone to cloud.
Backup contacts on Android

✔️ Open the Google Contacts application on your phone but if you don't have it, you can download the app here and then use the icon on the top left with three horizontal lines to display the side menu
✔️ Select Settings from the options that displays
✔️ A new screen will appear in which there are many possibilities of configuration, but the one that you should use to create a backup of the contacts of your Android is what is called Export
✔️ If you have several accounts in your Android terminal, a window appears in which you can choose the one you want to use.
✔️ Now you have to click on the button called Export to VCF file (which offers great compatibility with other applications, such as Outlook)
✔️ The next step is to choose the destination in which the file will be stored, which can be the Downloads folder of the device itself (by default) or, if the side menu is sold, you can choose the Drive account that has been activated
✔️ Press on Save or Export and the backup will be done automatically
✔️ That's all. You have successfully created a backup of your contacts on Android.

In conclusion, this is a must-do for everyone to avoid stories that touches.


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  2. This process is too cumbersome. The easiest way is just to open your contacts, click on the menu on the top right of your phone screen, then click import/export, then select export from phone or sim depending where the contacts are saved, the next window, select Google account, then click continue. That's all. Any phone you login in your Google account, all the contacts will display